I’m Still Alive

Hey there! I hate prepping for court. That really should be enough for an entry. But I’ve never been succinct so I shall ramble on.

I think I’m pretty much done with the exception of entering my receipts. Oh, yes, I’m supposed to find proof that I paid the property taxes on my car back in 2015. Sure thing. No big deal. I’m sure I’ve got all of that. Somewhere.

I found out in the marital property affidavit that CF withdrew $50,000 from his 401k. He paid me $28,800 and I’ll be generous and include the additional $3600 for February’s back support. But even if he was charged $5000 (the 10% penalty) what in the hell did he do with the remaining $12,600? Oh let me guess! He used it to pay first and last month’s rent on his new house for the whore and her kids!

Additionally, I knew he had taken out a $5000 loan on his 401k way back in September of 2015 when he was first discovered. I didn’t know if he had paid it back but I found out just the other day that he did not. The good news is I suppose I now have an extra $2500.

Also good news was the discovery that his other 401k was not worth approximately $5000 like I believed, but just over $10,000!

The checks have been clearing. Oh, I think he’s doubled down though. He sent me a check dated September 15th and I didn’t get another one until this past week, written October 1st. Apparently he has decided his spousal and child support should be set at a mere $1150/month. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but that isn’t even table child support.

My mom and her friend, I will call the two of them Thelma and Louise, don’t think he’s going to show up. I’m on the fence. On one hand he’s got to know that if he doesn’t show up that’s not going to look good for him and it should mean I get everything I ask for. If you don’t show judgement is supposed to default to the person who is there from what I understand. On the other hand, he didn’t bother showing up at the show cause hearing back in February and nothing happened to him. He was fined $10,000 for contempt for not paying his court ordered support, but the fine was waived if he managed to pay by the deadline. His support was modified by almost 50% even with him not showing up. So perhaps he is right in thinking he doesn’t need to bother to show up and he’ll still get everything he wants. Or most of it anyway. But back to that first hand… I would hope the judge would not be amused or tolerant of him not showing up again. I would hope the judge would be highly irate that CF has basically ignored his order and done whatever the hell it is that he wants to do as far as paying support goes. Back to that second hand… that may be exactly why he stays away. He might realize a stint in jail is a real possibility what with him so blatantly ignoring the judge’s orders.

I’m planning on him being there. I really don’t think I’ll get that lucky. I don’t particularly care to see his face. I’d rather he not show up. So I’m pretty sure he will.

In other news my mom is still down south. I’m pretty sure she’s back in Georgia now but she could still be in Florida. It’s hard to tell with her. She texted me the other day to let me know she was planning on staying a few extra days and asking if that was alright. I told her of course it was. What was I going to say? No! Come home. The laundry is piling up and I’m tired of cooking dinner! I could have said that but I wouldn’t.

I just paid the first installment of fees for Rock Star and her cheer. $28 for a freaking bow! A bow! I hope this thing shoots money out of it. Or at least some glitter. Glitter would be cool. That might be worth $28.

I had a conversation with my son a few weeks ago.

Me: If you ever get a girlfriend and she asks you, “Does this outfit make me look fat?” you tell her, “Nope. You look great.”

Picasso: But what if she really does look bad in it?

Me:  That’s not your problem.

Picasso: But, Mom, people can be cruel.

Me: Let her friends tell her she looks bad. You tell her you think she looks great no matter what.

I don’t know why I’m sharing that story. I suppose because I find it so adorable that my son is so unlike his father. CF is full of lies and his own son wouldn’t want to lie to his imaginary girlfriend even if it hurt her feelings. In fact, he was thinking beyond himself. He realized he could lie to her and tell her what she wanted to hear but by doing that he might be setting her up for even harsher criticism when she went out into public.

I still say lie. I think we women know when something doesn’t look good on us. I know that for me even if someone tells me something looks good if I don’t like it on me I’m not going to wear it. I’m just going to hope Picasso dates a girl smart enough to realize the same thing.

Oh! I totally forgot and saved the best for last. I got a promotion at work! I’m still doing the same thing and I’m making a whopping 50 cents more per hour but I’m now a level one. So hooray for me.

And that concludes my update.

4 thoughts on “I’m Still Alive

  1. Sam- I think we have some kind of cosmic connection – I really do. I am also prepping for court on child support. Its next Monday and I know he will be there. This is miserable. I cant wait for it all to be done.

    I’m with divine though – You look smashing! (my son will not lie either – he tells me “you look beautiful when you sing” – I think its his way of saying – mom your singing voice sucks but I love you anyway.

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