What Goes Around Comes Around

No, it’s not what you think. It has nothing to do with CF although I encourage you to continue reading; it’s a fun story.

Working in a bank you run into a lot of interesting people. A few weeks ago I was at a branch when an older gentleman walked over to my station. He began by telling me it was freezing in the branch. Cold enough to hang meat, he said. Then he segued into a story about being a sniper in Korea with the mountains covered with ice. It was a straight vertical climb up those ice covered mountains in the winter. I wasn’t completely sure where he was going with that one so I asked him, “Are you trying to tell me this is even worse?” “No,” he replied, “I’m telling you I hate the cold.”

From there we go to his rosary that he purchased in Quebec. He has prayed for 16 people with cancer and only lost one of them. I think those are excellent statistics! Honestly, I’m not sure how long he’s been praying for them or if any of them are cured, but it did seem like when he was telling me this story it went back some time ago.

Then after telling me about his impressive ability to heal people, or at least keep them alive, he tells me about his wife who divorced him and ran up almost $300,000 in debt before doing so. He ended up having to take on 50% of that debt because it was considered marital.

So as the judge explains that it was marital debt and therefore he will be encumbered with half of it, he tells the judge, “What comes around, goes around.” The judge asks him what did he just say and the man repeats it. And apparently 24 hours later the judge drops dead of a heart attack.

Then, I’m not sure if it was his lawyer or the wife’s lawyer, but they got the exact same speech. “What goes around, comes around.” And BAM! Another one dropped dead of a heart attack.

I said, “Mr. X, I have someone I need you to talk to.”

I think he may be better than a damn voodoo doll from New Orleans! I’m not really sure how his powers work or what ever became of the wife but I am impressed by his abilities!

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