It’s Really Me This Time

I don’t want to say too much about what’s going on with court because I’m very superstitious and I don’t want to jinx myself. I promise I’ll come clean with all the details once court is over.

I will share this much with you for right now. Mr. Bullshit is once again bullshitting. Surprise, surprise! He is claiming he owes the VA over $75,000. Upon closer examination of the document he submitted it appears that he only owes that amount if he ever wants to get a new mortgage through the VA.

Oh, I’m sure he does! I know he and the whore talked about their dream home and I’m sure he’s promised her a home to call her own. Or their own. Too bad, so sad. If I can’t buy a house he doesn’t get to buy a house. How do you like that, Cousinfucker?

I’ll also share this with you. We are trying to come to a settlement agreement, at least on the property. It’s looking like no matter what I am going to have to account for the $27,000 I transferred over so that Cousinfucker couldn’t continue funding the whore’s lifestyle. Not that it mattered because he just cut us all off and gave her even more.

No, it turns out even though I took that money so that we would have it to pay off the pool he watched being built while he fucked her… even though I took that money to protect my kids since I was a stay at home mom with few job prospects… even though I took that money and used it to buy groceries and pet food and household items…. he still is entitled to half of it.

I guess if you’re the bread winner you are free to financially rape your family when you decide to trade them in for a whore.

Basically, how it will work is that they add up all the money I owe him which would be the the money I transferred over, minus the $5000 I paid towards the pool, and put that up against the money he owes me. He and his lawyer also want to include my share of my car and the garage sale proceeds but I have since thrown an absolute fit about that so my attorney is going to run the numbers again with that excluded.

As expected they balked at the February separation date but using the September date makes him pay me the difference between what he actually paid me and what he would have owed me.

His lawyer’s plan was for him to take on all the marital debt and then I would have to pay him for half. I, of course, don’t like that idea because I know damn well he is not going to pay the full amount we owe. I’m basically paying the full amount and getting dinged on the 401k. So I told my attorney I would take one of the credit cards. At least I wouldn’t have to pay him another $3500 or so, and I’ll be free to make whatever deal I want with them.

If it all goes according to plan I will end up with about $45-$50,000 of the 401k while he retains more like $70,000.

My attorney did point out that by giving him more of the 401k then we could ask for him to have to liquidate enough to pay me my back support, which is now over $20,000. In other words, I would still end up with the majority of the 401k; it would just be that part of it would be a cash payout that he has to pay taxes on.

It’s not a done deal so I’m not celebrating, but my attorney seems to think that’s pretty close to what the judge would order anyway so why not take it? It shortens our time in court and then we only have to try the spousal support and legal fees.

So cross your fingers for me, send out positive vibes, say a prayer, do whatever good juju you believe in. I’m finally getting to the end. I’ve got 9 more days and then this long nightmare will be over.

Honestly, I’m looking forward to it being done. I can look to the future and not have to try to predict what’s going to end up happening.

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