Bloody Hell

Pardon the pun. I have a sick sense of humor sometimes. After the crap I endured yesterday today I had the pleasure of having my period show up. Sonofabitch! I have one every other month or less and naturally mine shows up days before court. My uterus hurts, my back hurts, and my attitude is set to shitty. TMI ahead… Because I only have a period every other month or so (usually) they tend to be very heavy. I’m bleeding like a stuck pig, I’m running to the bathroom every two hours to avoid accidents, and I still ruin panties and pants. Wearing skirts or dresses is just asking for trouble. I absolutely hate it anymore.

In better news I have a property settlement agreement. More about that later. It’s not a great settlement but it will do, I suppose. Now on to litigate spousal and child support and legal fees. I’ll have to do a separate post soon about our expert witnesses. Hijinks have ensued.

Now it’s time for me to slink away and pout over my stupid misfortune to have started my stupid period a mere four stupid days before my stupid court hearing for my stupid divorce. If you couldn’t tell I am NOT happy about this.

3 thoughts on “Bloody Hell

  1. Ok – I’ve been trying to think up a “cheer up Sam” comment and I got … nothing. Curl up with a heating pad and some chocolate girl. While this too shall pass, it will just suck until it does.

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  2. I’m sorry 😐
    I had the same thing, extremely heavy and accidents through clothes a a lot.. switched to Diva Cup, best decision I ever had. No more accidents and was able to tell my doctor exactly how much I was bleeding.

    Looking forward to upcoming posts with what CF has come up with. Wishing you the best.


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