Last Day

Today is the last day I will spend as a married woman. After tomorrow I will wear the title, “Divorced”. I haven’t really allowed myself to think about that. I’m so used to saying, “The STBX” or “I’m getting a divorce.” I wonder if I’ll feel any different once I’m actually divorced, once I’m really and truly the ex-wife.

I’m hoping that I will feel a huge sense of relief. And, of course, I’m hoping that I prevail in court and will be in a very good mood.

I’ve been working on that. I’m trying to prepare myself in case CF gets away with everything. I don’t want him to see me stunned or crying or having a major meltdown. My mother jokingly asked me if she should bring cash with her on this trip to bail me out of jail. You just never know.

Currently I’m feeling pretty nervous. The butterflies are heavy in my stomach. This is it. I don’t feel completely prepared. I feel about 80% prepared. I feel like there are things we are forgetting. I worry about what his attorney is going to ask me.

And… this morning I discovered I have a bulge in my tire so my mom ended up having to take it in and get it fixed before we left. Trip delayed.

I also found out we can have guests in the courtroom. While I’m thrilled my mom can be there that means the whore will undoubtedly be in there as well. I’m not sure nauseous adequately describes my feelings.

9 thoughts on “Last Day

  1. Hey congratulations!!! So happy for you!!!
    In all honesty I found out a couple months after the fact that I was divorced LOL. Strangely, what I felt was nothing at first. No happiness, no sadness… and then That emptiness wore off and I felt a huge smile come from my insides 😁


  2. stare that bitch down and him – they are both disgusting – first of all they are cousins that’s just outright fucking fucked up secondly they are both cheaters I have no doubt they will walk in and show no shame but that’s just because they have no conscience and have no concept of morals


  3. Sending you love, prayers and support. You’ve GOT THIS. Whatever happens, you walk away the winner. You are strong and you have your kids. He’s the loser. He’s chosen a whore and a pack of crazy. I think you will feel so free tomorrow!


  4. Praying that all goes well tomorrow and that nothing catches you unaware. The ladies in my family calling it pulling out the Jacqueline (Kennedy) reserves. You got this.


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