Still Married

I know I promised a juicy update but unfortunately I’m still married. Because CF had Harley listed as the beneficiary he didn’t want to issue a divorce decree; if something happened to him before he could change it back the kids and I wouldn’t be protected.

Speaking of the whore she did NOT make an appearance at our trial. I guess his lawyer let him know bringing a date to your divorce trial was not a good move.

Now I wait. The judge is supposed to render his decision in about a week. The only thing he ruled on from the bench was the beneficiary status of the 401k. He told CF he wanted that done immediately.

3 thoughts on “Still Married

  1. Sorry you are still waiting. I know how that sucks. My court date on custody is Thursday. I am praying almost as much that the judge just makes a ruling as I am that it is the ruling I prefer.


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