He Was (Is) Such an Ass

September 2015

So much to write. I haven’t had the heart lately. Let’s start with the good news. I’ve lost roughly 25 pounds! The divorce diet is not one I would recommend but it does work.

Papers were finally filed. I got confirmation he was down at Harley’s August 13th/14th. Mom went down, said she was pretty sure she had seen his car but her house was on a busy road so it was impossible to park and take pictures. She went back the next morning at 6 and took pictures.

He was texting me and acting like nothing was amiss. Even asked me to send him pictures of my boobs. Oh yeah, that’s gonna happen. I was so tempted to tell him to ask Harley to show him hers. But I didn’t. I kept it together.

That weekend I also found out he had cashed in the last $6000 worth of his stock and I was told by The Saint that Zack was interviewing for a job in a city close to the whore.

So, I called my lawyer and talked to him, set up a meeting for the next day and thought I filed for divorce.

I was waiting on pins and needles to see when he would be served but it turns out they hadn’t filed the papers. That didn’t happen until the 1st of this month, I believe.

Meanwhile, back on the 18th, Zack is still acting like nothing was wrong, keeping up the charade so he can continue to bilk me out of money. He had texted me on Sunday around 3 and said he was on his way home. I slept fitfully that night and was waking up about every hour. When he wasn’t home by 1 I finally transferred all the money from savings and checking into my separate account that his business expenses used to go into. My fear was that once the pool was paid off he would take what was left and just leave us. Anyway, the day I left to go supposedly file my divorce papers he texted me and asked me if I had paid off the pool yet. I said no and so he asked why I had transferred all the money out of checking and savings. So I replied, “Since you’re fucking Harley and giving her money I figured I should protect myself and my kids.” He writes back, “OK, I understand then.” While I’m waiting to see the lawyer he sends me another text. ‘Where did you go? Are you still making spaghetti tonight or should I make myself something?” Un-fucking-believeable! No one I’ve shared that with has been able to believe it. He has lost his damn mind!

The following Friday he leaves without saying a word to me about where he’s going. Rock Star was having a pool party that Saturday after cheer practice with her cheer friends. She asked where her dad was so I lied and said he must have had to go into work early. She tells me he never came home so I told her maybe he went to his home state again. As much as I hated to do it after the pool party I finally grabbed Picasso, took him down to Rock Star’s room and told them what was going on. Some may argue I told them too much but my feelings are they are 13 and 15, not 3 and 5. I’m not falling on a sword for him. I told them he was in his home state and that he was with his girlfriend. Picasso said, “You mean ex-girlfriend, right?” No, son, I mean girlfriend. Your dad is having an affair. Rock Star burst into tears and buried her face in her hands. Picasso was sobbing. I was crying. I felt horrible for them. I told them I didn’t know what was going to happen but that we would be ok and we needed to stick together. They wanted to know if we would have to move and I told them I didn’t know. Rock Star asked if everyone in his home state knew what he was up to and I admitted that yes, they did. And they’re ok with it? she wanted to know. Yes, they are. In fact, your grandmother was the one who suggested she call him because he was so sad. I did tell them that he had been involved with her before, two years prior, and so Rock Star wanted to know if that’s why we moved here. I told her that it was partly the reason, that they had talked about him moving all of us closer to her, but that I didn’t think they had been involved when we did actually move. Rock Star eventually called her dad, demanding to know where he was and why he wasn’t with us. He must have told her he was with Tammy Faye because she demanded he put her on the phone. When she got on Rock Star hung up. Neither one of them have called or texted her. Her dad has not spoken a single word to her in over a month. He went into Picasso’s room after he got home finally and cried to him, telling him we had drifted apart after having kids and we didn’t have a happy marriage. Basically, justifying his affair. This was after Picasso texted him, “Why?” and Zack replied, “Because I’m losing my mind, son. I am no good to anyone in my current shape. I have to get mentally strong to help you guys. I love you like crazy. But my brain is done. Please know how much I love you.” Hmmmm…. I didn’t realize fucking Harley made him mentally strong. No, it makes you sick in the head, you sick fucker!

Picasso and I have had a few conversations where I’m just checking in with him and he’s said he can’t trust his dad. He said that he’s spent months just hoping his dad would get better and now he feels like he was just pretending to have issues so he could distance himself from us and cheat on me. He can’t trust his grandparents which makes him sad. He even said he now believes the only reason his dad came into his room and talked to him was because he knew that Picasso liked him and he was trying to get him on his side.

It is very sad what is happening to his kids. Especially when you consider he’s acting like daddy of the year to her four kids. He’s making them pancakes (which they described as nasty ass), promising them everything. Oh, he’s jolly Zack. It’s gonna be a wake up call when the fantasy ends.

The next weekend he takes off again and I find out he’s no longer depositing his paycheck into our joint account. He put $2000 in it. Our bills are approximately $2500. I text him and tell him that his paycheck is $2800 short and unless he’s planning on paying bills with that $2800 he needs to put it back. He replies hours later that he didn’t want me draining the account again and goes on to tell me that he will continue to support his children but he’s not going to continue to let me steal every dime he makes; let me know how much you need. I take a good 24 hours to respond because I am absolutely livid. I once again exercised enormous restraint and simply told him that I needed $500 to cover the rest of our bills, $200 for their allowances, and money for groceries, pet food, and toiletries. Plus, Rock Star would like to get her Homecoming dress. I then go on to tell him: Don’t you *ever* accuse me of stealing anything from you again. The only person misappropriating money is you!

I have to say at least in his texts he has a whole new attitude. Of course, he tells me he doesn’t have it and he’ll have to give it to me next paycheck. Oh, ok. Hey kids, we’ll just eat next pay period!

That was also the weekend where I decided I was going to dump all his dirty clothes in his car and text him to have his whore wash his clothes. If she’s going to fuck him she can do some of the grunt work as well. I went over to his office but his car wasn’t there and I headed over to a friend’s because I didn’t want to see his ugly face. Apparently I missed him because when I came home the door was unlocked and his diploma and the pictures of him and his grandmother were taken down.

Then I took all of his clothes out of the master bedroom closet and moved them into the guest room.

He sends me a text on Monday, I believe. Let’s stop this foolishness. You can be bitter and hateful or respect the fact that I’m setting you free of the burden of being my wife. Tell my children I love them. Blah, blah, blah. FUCK YOU, ASSHOLE! Gosh, that felt good to say. I’m always having to watch my tongue. He also tells me he’s saddened that I felt the need to throw out his clothes and all of his memories. I still don’t know what the hell he’s talking about in regards to his memories but I did write back and tell him I hadn’t thrown anything out. He tells me he has no laundry, no clothes, so I tell him everything is in the guest room. Later that afternoon he texts me and tells me that if I need him he’s staying at the Motel 6 in a nasty room. I do not reply. I also do not feel sorry for him. Just think about fucking Harley. I’m sure it’s worth it.

Next day he texts me and asks me if there’s any way I would consider letting him stay in the guest bedroom. Since he’s paying the mortgage he thinks that’s only fair. Ha! You’re really not still paying the mortgage. But I digress. I tell him I never told him he had to go; he took that upon himself. And I think that staying in the guest room would be a wise idea. I later ask him if he’s planning on putting the money I requested into the account since he no longer has to pay for a place to stay. He then goes on to tell me how his lawyer told him he would be paying me $4771/month until the kids both graduate so he can up the amount a little bit, but not much. He wouldn’t want me to have to pay him back. LOL

Oh yes, after crying to his son about how I have a lawyer and he doesn’t he turns around and hires one. Who he promptly lies to. I’m sure when she asked what he made he only told her about his monthly paycheck and totally left out the dividend payments, stock and his bonus. So not my problem.

So basically, he lives here during the week, doesn’t even give me enough to pay the bills (and his fucking car payment came out of the money he put into our account), fucks his whore of a cousin every weekend and has a jolly ol’ time down in his home state, spending money like it’s water, and I’m using money from savings to pay for groceries and anything the kids need.

What else? Well, I got a call on the 31st, I believe from the lawyer’s office. The woman told me she was working on filing my divorce and didn’t have a date of separation. I about lost it! What the hell? The whole reason I went with my lawyer to begin with was because dipshit was draining funds and interviewing for a job and I needed to move quickly! I hadn’t canceled my appointment with the second lawyer for the 2nd so I ended up going to that which was good because although her number wasn’t as high as the one my lawyer gave me it was much higher than the one Asshole threw out. I do prefer calling him Cousinfucker. That’s how I have him listed in my contacts. And she reiterated a lot of things the first lawyer told me. She doesn’t think it will be as easy to move out of state if that becomes necessary as he did, but mostly they were on the same page. I also found out that Zack couldn’t file for divorce from me because he has no grounds. He would have to wait the year before he could file. That was a bit of a relief.

My mom ended up coming down on Tuesday and she’s still here. I just couldn’t do it by myself anymore. I was a mess.

The sheriff ended up “serving” Zack at the house. I put it in quotes because he wasn’t here and the sheriff just left it on the door knob. I had to put a call into my lawyer to see what I needed to do. He’s going to be served at work as well. Good! I did put the papers back on the doorknob and they’re gone now so maybe Cousinfucker took them. My mom thinks he’s going to shit when he sees that the little whore has been named in the divorce filing and that her address is included. If he’s seen it, though, he’s been very calm.

Our cousin came up on Friday for the family reunion, as did my brother, his wife and their kids. It was nice having everyone around, and a lot more people know now because I kinda felt like I had to tell them. It was good having the support. And I’m very blessed to have friends who are checking in on me… they all check up on me, a lot of them daily. One friend is here in town and she’s offered up her house whenever needed. I’ve had 3 people ask me to move back to our former state. One friend’s husband even told her their daughter could move back upstairs and the kids and I could have the basement.

The reunion was good. As I always joke, I didn’t meet anyone, though.

Last night I found out the idiot took out a $5000 loan on his 401K. Probably to buy the cunt a car. Oh well, as my lawyer tells me, “We’re not concerned about that.” I just keep track of it all and in the end he’s going to be one unhappy man when he realizes just how big of a hole he’s dug for himself. He’ll be paying a lot… The second lawyer said that at the time support was ordered our debt would be split and since he has the capability of earning much more than I do that he would probably be ordered to take on more than half of our marital debt… Once we go to court I’m planning on making him move out so he’ll have to take on rent…

I always like to remind myself that while I’m going through hell right now, not knowing what’s going to happen his turn will come at court. Right now he’s living out his fantasy. He’s Jolly Zack; he’s Sugar Daddy. He’s happy go lucky and he’s spoiling everyone and making them promises. Sex all weekend. She’s so in love with him. She’s so blessed. Yes, bitch, God will bless you with another woman’s husband. That’s the way He works. But, after court he’s going to find he doesn’t have a lot of disposable income. And he’s going to have to use part of whatever is left over to pay rent and utilities on his own apartment because he’s not staying with me. He may not be able to swing a trip down there every weekend; it may be out of his budget. And he sure as hell isn’t going to be throwing money around like he has up until this point because he won’t have it. I think Christmas for her and her kids might be a slightly disappointing affair. He’s not going to have much to give her. I’m also fairly certain that once the money dries up the whore is going to go away.

She is a whore in the truest sense of the word. She’s fucking for money.
The Saint said she’s been unfaithful more than once. Whether that started with Zack or not I do not know. I do know she was sending naked pictures to her neighbor at the same time she was telling Zack she loved him sooooooo much. She’ll turn around and cheat on Cousinfucker. That’s who she is. She’s a whore. And an alcoholic. And a criminal.

I find it fascinating that he tells Blockhead he thinks I only stayed for the money and complains he feels like a wallet and yet what does he do? He plies his whore and her kids with money and promises of a new and better life. He’s a wallet yet again. Why you would trade in your wife and kids for that piece of shit is beyond me, especially when you now have less money. Although, he believes he’s so smart that no one will ever catch on to what he is doing and he thinks he’s going to be paying a small, paltry sum to me.

I’m going to wait until court but it’s pretty apparent to me that I’m going to have to eventually sell this house. Downsize into something smaller. Even if I were to take the money Cousinfucker will have to give me from his 401K and pay off my share of the marital debt that’s only going to increase my income by $500 at the absolute most, and it may be more like $300 or $400. The biggest savings will come in the form of a smaller house payment, smaller electric bill.

Goddamn motherfucker. Just thinking about what he’s done makes me so fucking mad! We JUST bought this house. Our mortgage is a year old. We just bought new furniture. I bought decorations so we could decorate every month. We just put in a $57K pool. Just put in a new humidifier and a new A/C unit for the upstairs. Hell yeah, let’s spend tens of thousands of dollars and then just shit it away on a whore! You dumb motherfucker. You dumb cousinfucker! Move us across the goddamn country so you can fuck your stupid bitch of a cousin. Yes, asshole, you are a genius! A little over a year ago he was having panic attacks over our move to this state. Worried that we wouldn’t make any money on the house, might even lose money. Worried about all the showings. They stressed him out. Worried we wouldn’t sell the house even though we had a buyout. And now? Well, apparently fucking Harley has cured him of all those anxieties. Let’s go ahead and sell a house we’ve had a year! He’s not worried about losing money on it this time. Not worried about not being able to sell it even though he knows it generally takes a while to move property here. We will be paying all the fucking closing costs and commissions to a realtor but he doesn’t have a fucking care in the world! Oh no because he’s got Harley spreading her legs for him and that makes everything ok!

Soon, I shall write about the text he sent me where he asked me if I was ok. Wrong question to ask me, asshole!

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