As expected he agreed to give me full physical and legal custody of Rock Star and Picasso. Visitation is at their discretion.

This is what an absolute peach he is. After agreeing to this, voluntarily, his attorney asks mine if she has any objections to putting in a clause that states I won’t interfere in any way with his ability to contact them or his relationship with them. I just rolled my damn eyes. Are you fucking serious?

Let me tell you how big this is. When I first began divorce proceedings, more than two years ago, I talked to two separate attorneys who both told me that judges do not like to take away legal custody from the other parent. Both of them thought I would have a very hard time getting full legal custody. By the time negotiations were under way this time around my lawyer was the one to tell me we would ask for full legal and physical custody. There wasn’t a question.

Now, I suppose he could have asked to retain joint legal custody even after all that he’s done. A week long stay in a psych ward, moving away from his kids without saying a word, inpatient treatment for alcohol abuse, not bothering to see his kids one time since February of 2016… If judges are loathe to take it away there’s a possibility that our judge would have given him that at least. But he didn’t even fight for it.

He has basically given up all rights to his children, while retaining the responsibility of providing financially for them. He won’t but… He can’t take them to the doctor’s without my permission. He can’t gain access to their school records. He can’t take them out of school without my permission. Not that he would but… For all intents and purposes he has terminated his parental rights without a peep of resistance.

And then his lawyer wants to put something in the order which would legally prevent me from interfering with his relationship with them. I’m no legal scholar but I’m fairly certain he would have to make an attempt first before I could interfere. Not that he will but….

5 thoughts on “Custody

  1. While the outcome no doubt is better for your children it confirms what a waste of space he is. No fight, zip, nothing. Mind blowing. As a father I would never agree to that in a million years- how his fake family with his mistress can replace his biological children from an originally (presumably) loving relationship at their conception is incomprehensible. The gutless surrender of a place in your kids life without a struggle is a mark of shame that he should wear forever like a scarlet letter. Something tattooed on his forehead so others, even complete strangers know he is an aberrant being, unfit to be in the company of civil society.

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  2. Although this is a well-deserved and resounding victory for you and the kids I know it’s the last dagger in the heart from a soulless decrepit shell of what once (allegedly) was a human being. The last and most unforgivable act. He doesn’t deserve a single shed tear from the eyes of your precious children and their mother, SweetSamXO

    Good riddance, bastardo hijo de puta😡👺

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  3. this above all else indicates to me that he def has some kind of personality disorder – anyone that would not make any effort whatsoever to institute some plan of reconciliation with his kids into a divorce agreement (like reunification counseling or a visit one time a month – something!) is missing something in their emotional makeup that they have zero concern about their relationship with their children or even an interest in their life – I am appalled and the fact that he and his family basically pretend like they don’t exist so he and his whore cousin and the rest of the family can maintain the lie that they haven’t broken up a family, estranged a father from his own children, reduced the economic standard of living of his children, ruined his daughter’s chances at gymnastics excellence, ruined her senior year, inflicted emotional distress and damage upon both and then continues to make no effort to rectify any of it. That family and him and that whore cousin obviously have no conscience, morals, or shame. I don’t know how they look at themselves in the mirror everyday, I couldn’t. They are absolutely disgusting and repulsive and they deserve each other. All I will say is that blood will out – eventually people of such low moral character will fail each other because there is no other outcome – people like them are what we call fair-weather friends – A friend who is only a friend when circumstances are pleasant or profitable. At the first sign of trouble or a better situation/outcome, these capricious, disloyal friends will drop their relationship with you. I have no doubt that as time passes this family will start to reap what they have sown and I for one can’t wait.

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