Oh, the Drama!

My, my, my! Post one little profile picture on Facebook and all the trolls come out to play!  I was hacked, my lovely readers. Hacked!

I’ve been fairly quiet on Facebook these past 2+ years. I’ve posted back to school pictures, funny things my kids have said, milestone pictures of my kids, and the occasional update. I haven’t said a word about my divorce, where I work, or my mobster. I’m not claiming no one would be able to figure two of those three things out, but I’m not going around volunteering the information.

My last profile picture was a plate of sushi. It’s been the same for several months now. I haven’t posted in almost 2 months. In other words, I’m fairly radio silent.

So… a few days ago I posted a new picture. It was an actual picture of me. I got a few comments from friends telling me how good I looked. I got a, “You look fabulous,” a few, “Very pretty,” comments, and I even got a, “Wow! You’ve always been pretty but you look especially beautiful! What have you done?” It was a nice ego boost although I didn’t post it for that reason.

The very next day I get a frantic text from my mother asking me if I’ve lost my damn mind. “What are you doing posting that you’re in a relationship?”

That was news to me. I had not posted any such thing. I was on the road, in fact. Yet there it was. I was in a relationship with the mobster. It listed him by name. If that wasn’t enough I apparently commented, “We should really just get married already.”

Adding to the excitement I was listed as being with him at that very moment. It wasn’t accurate but it wasn’t entirely inaccurate either.

Later, I learned that the correct pronunciation of my name is Bee-ach NAH-Klas, and that I’m an atheist.

Someone is upset! I’m not sure who, but someone definitely is.

I’ve been tying to be Zen about this. Who cares if everyone knows I’m in a relationship? The trial is over; I’m just awaiting the decision. I don’t think CF and his attorney can submit Facebook ramblings two weeks later, and even if they could it doesn’t prove anything. Once my divorce is final and those papers are signed I plan to scream it from the roof top.

I thought maybe it was my daughter being petulant at first. She’s in that tough transition time. You know the one. She’s never around and when she is her boyfriend is with her. But the minute she has some down time she expects me to be there with bells on. Waiting.

However, Rock Star would never refer to me as a classless bitch. Or Bitch No Class, if we’re going by my formal name. Never.

I thought maybe CF or Harley had received some news from the judge and this was all lashing out. I guess we could call the “we should really just get married already,” comment wishful thinking on his part. No class bitch is definitely something he or she might refer to me as, but that begs the question: How would he know about the mobster?

We’re Facebook friends but I’m friends with a lot of men on Facebook. We don’t comment on each other’s stuff. We might sometimes like a post or picture but we’re always one in a group of commenters.

The creepiest part is just having someone access my account. They were logged in as me. I don’t care about being labeled an atheist. That’s just stupid. Calling me Bitch No Class is just petty and childish. I don’t even care about people knowing I’m in a relationship. Like I said, I can hardly wait to go public for real.

Here’s the other creepy part. It listed him by name. It’s been a few years since I’ve done the “in a relationship” status but I remember when I was married. CF had to approve that. I could list I was married but it wouldn’t list me as married to him until he said so. Mine definitely said I was in a relationship with the mobster. Which makes it seem like someone was in both of our accounts.

My mom thinks it was the mobster’s STBX. So does my sweet friend J. They both think she doesn’t like the idea of him moving on and that she wants to cause trouble between us. The mobster doesn’t think she’s smart enough to pull something like this off.

Rock Star thinks it was her dad or Harley. She said the pettiness makes her think it would be Harley. When asked why on earth he would even bother she replied, “Because he can’t stand to see you happy. After everything he’s done to you you’re still happy and he hates that.”

Also on the weird side? “Bob”, the high school friend of CF’s who has been checking in on me throughout this ordeal told me CF unfriended him.

Why? He made an innocuous statement about Jezebel, calling her Rambo Barbie, but he’s called her that before. He’s called her that on her own page, in fact. So nothing horrible and earth shattering. Certainly not enough to unfriend someone you’ve been real life friends with since high school. He told me he sent him another friend request along with a message but CF declined the friend request and didn’t reply to his message.

Holy shit! Just had a thought as I was writing this.

The person who put all this stuff up was logged in as me. That means whoever it was had access to my Facebook messages. If you had access to my Facebook messages you could see that the mobster and I video chat constantly. There weren’t many conversations, thank goodness, because I don’t use that app for texting. He has sent me pictures through that app as well. It wouldn’t be difficult to tell we’re dating.

And there are conversations in there between me and Bob. They aren’t horrible conversations but he doesn’t mince words when it comes to Pastor Fake, Tammy Faye, Jezebel, Blockhead, or Harley. I think he’s been more than gracious towards CF but he hasn’t been as gracious towards those CF loves and turns to for guidance. It’s also apparent that he’s given me information over the course of this disaster. It hasn’t been huge amounts or anything incriminating but still… we all know how put out CF gets when he’s not being told he’s the most special boy in the whole wide world, or when someone dares to tell him he is not making the best choices. That would explain the sudden unfriending.

He’s also been known to call me a bitch and tell me I have no class. Because, you know, nothing oozes class like fucking your cousin. Or being arrested at least 3 times. Or abandoning your kids. Or cheating on your spouse. Or taking your whore to a funeral and showing her off to your entire family. Or being forced to resign because you keep drinking on the job.

Oh well! It appears one mystery has been solved. How either one of them hacked into my account is another mystery for another day.

11 thoughts on “Oh, the Drama!

  1. I think Facebook has left as much or more damage on our society than heroin and fentanyl combined. I dropped it about 18 months ago and never looked back. You’re almost done with their immature and petty bullshit (checks for $555?) and can rejoice.

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