Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving 2014 was a very good Thanksgiving. I’ve written about it before. It was our first year in our new home in Virginia. We had a houseful of guests. I went Black Friday shopping for the first time in ages. It was honestly probably one of my favorite Thanksgivings ever. It was also the last one we would spend together as a family with CF. Shortly after that Blockhead found my other Facebook page and began feeding him information, which resulted in his downward spiral and his new affair with Harley.

Thanksgiving 2015, surprisingly, wasn’t bad. The kids and I were still living in the house, albeit with CF remaining there as well. I had money stockpiled in the bank so our lifestyle didn’t suffer too much. I recall the kids saying that the holidays were the best ones they’d had in ages because they didn’t have to worry about their dad’s moods or crying fits. I didn’t recall him being that bad but apparently they did.

We spent the holiday in Indiana with my mom, my brother, and his family. It really was a nice holiday gathering.

Thanksgiving 2016 sucked. I was broke. My money had run out thanks to CF losing his job and not sending any money for support. I was working at Target. I didn’t have to work on Thanksgiving Day but I did have to report to work at midnight on Friday so I was in bed pretty damn early that day. I think more than anything I endured the holiday last year. I wasn’t looking forward to any of it but I had to keep going.

Now we are ready to celebrate Thanksgiving 2017. I have volunteered to purchase all the sides since my mom bought the turkey breasts. I will be cooking. I have the day off and while I do have to work on Friday I don’t have to show up at midnight. It will be my regular hours.

I thought I would offer up a list of things for which I’m grateful on this Thanksgiving Day. I was going to try for 30- 1 for each day in November, but I only got to 15. That’s better than zero which is how I felt last year, right?

  1. My kids. I’m so very thankful I have them in my life. I’m thankful that they love me and want to spend time with me. I’m thankful I have a good relationship with them.
  2. My mom. I have said it a million times and it bears repeating a million more. She has been my rock. She has helped me out so much throughout this entire ordeal. Whether it’s doing my laundry or running my kids around or sitting through a 9.5 hour trial she has been there for me. I know not everyone is fortunate enough to have that so I am grateful.
  3. My brother. He has stepped up in a huge way for my kids. He takes Picasso under his wing, showing him how to repair something around the house or taking him out hunting or to gun shows. He’s always there for a hug for Rock Star. He and his wife have taken both of them out for their birthday, just the kid and them. He has voluntarily stepped in and taken on more of a role for both of them.
  4. The mobster. He came along, just like a song and brightened my day.  Honestly, I never thought I’d date again. I thought I’d be alone forever. But he came into my life and made me smile again. He is wonderful. I don’t even have words to describe it. He makes my future look bright.
  5. My job. I’ve said many times it doesn’t pay well but it’s a job and I’m hoping to be able to move up and make more. My one year anniversary is less than 2 months away!
  6. My friends. I’ve been blessed with some fabulous friends. The mobster has commented on it several times. He’s impressed by the fact that so many people are willing to make time to see me when I am in their area, and that so many people have checked on me and cheered me on. I am truly, truly lucky! My friends have been a tremendous blessing all through this journey.
  7. My dogs. I love these fur balls. It’s my first Thanksgiving without my Beau Beau but I’m thankful for my two remaining faithful companions. My little guy follows me all around and will sit on my feet while I get ready. My girl is always eager for some loves and ear scratches.
  8. My health. I’m battling a cold right now but overall I’m healthy. In fact, this is the first cold I’ve had in almost a year. I’m grateful I’m not saddled with oppressive medical bills.
  9. I’m grateful I have family with whom I get to celebrate Thanksgiving. I’m not by myself. I won’t go hungry. I may even end up playing some Phase 10.
  10. I am happy. After spending close to a year begging for death that is a wonderful thing for which I can be grateful. Some days I want to say to CF, “I am tougher than you ever imagined.” Mostly, I’m just grateful I can say I’m happy. As I once so eloquently put it, I have crawled through the bowels of Hell. Yet I emerged on the other side, smiling.
  11. This blog. I’m thankful I started this blog. I’m thankful to all my fabulous followers and readers. I have enjoyed getting to “know” some of you. It has been especially satisfying to tell my story and to be heard and validated. I’m not crazy. I’m not overreacting. The things he did were really bad. I’m not to blame for his affair. The alternate Facebook posts weren’t awful and cause for him to cheat. Thank you!
  12. Chump Lady. Thank God I started reading her after the discard. She says the things I think, the things I believed before being encouraged to be more enlightened, less judgmental. And thanks to all those who comment. They show me I’m not alone and often provide me with valuable nuggets of wisdom.
  13. My co-workers. I remember when I first started working at the bank. Everyone was very nice but I still felt alone. It didn’t help that I couldn’t balance my drawer to save my life so I felt incompetent as well. Now I rarely walk into a branch without seeing a friendly face.
  14. The final judgement!!!! Best news of this holiday season! Last Thanksgiving I wanted to die. This Thanksgiving I have been vindicated and all I want to do is celebrate!
  15. Along with that I am thankful I didn’t give up. It would have been so easy to take a settlement offer. It would have been so easy to say that this whole fight was way too expensive and might not pay off. There were many times I was discouraged but I didn’t give up. I kept fighting and I ended up winning.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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