How Long Will I Be Married?

O.M.G.! I am still freaking married! The divorce trial was a month ago. The judge’s opinion came in almost 2 weeks ago. I’m still married! My attorney has to prepare the order, then have CF’s attorney sign it and then the judge signs it. She told me it will be a few more weeks. I don’t think she’s prepared the document yet. CF’s got a full year after the final divorce decree is issued to pay me my $25,000. I’m also assuming that he’s not going to get into his damn 401k to pay me my back support until the divorce is final.

Speaking of money… I just got another bill from my attorney the other day. I owe her over $9800. The trial itself cost $2200. Of that $9800 I think $6000 of it is new charges, meaning crap that wasn’t figured into my final attorney expense fees. So while he’s paying $25,000 I’m still paying right around $10,000 myself. And now I have a good $5000 less than what I thought I was going to have after I paid my final legal fees.

Today I got another bill! This one was from the court reporting system. WTF? I never knew you got charged for the stenographer they use! I definitely want a damn copy of the court proceedings.

Finally, I’m sure this is going to come as a huge shocker to most of you but I have NOT received a support check from CF yet. It was due on the 1st and I got nothing. In fact, I’ve received nothing from him since I got the check that bounced on the 18th of October. The last time I actually received money from him was on October 8th, almost a full two months ago.

Yet another reason to get this damn divorce finalized! I don’t think I can start garnishing his pay check until I have the actual divorce decree and I can pretty much bet that he won’t pay me until he has no choice.

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