I Am the Grinch That Stole Christmas

He never fails to amuse. I got a check from Cousinfucker today. It was for $902.91. That seems to fall short of the $4605.81 he was ordered to pay you, Sam. Why yes it does. After doing a bit of math I found it is exactly half of what he has been ordered to pay in child support. Apparently, he is absolving himself from paying spousal support.

Yes, Your Honor, nice try with that “ruling” and all, but I’m Cousinfucker and I make my own rules. I also don’t feel the need to pay her by the first or anything else you told me to do.

The check was even labeled “child support” as opposed to “child and spousal support” which is what he used to label them.

I’m not complaining. Not yet at least. If he continues to send the $902.91 every two weeks that will make the difference between being able to somewhat survive and not surviving. With having to pay for health insurance through my work my paychecks will be somewhere in the $500 range. Yep, that’s right. $500 for 2 weeks worth of work. So as much as I hate it I am appreciative of the small amount he’s sending my way.

My favorite part though, was the envelope. He’s back to using his home address. Must want to brag about his new home with the whore and try to stick it to me yet again. I  was also addressed using my maiden and married name this time which is new. But the best part? They must have typed this up on the computer because I got a lovely little Grinch cartoon on my envelope. Aren’t they the cutest?

Yes, well when I have to send him copies of medical bills for him to pay I’m going to be sure to design an envelope with a big ol’ picture of a steaming pile of shit on it.



15 thoughts on “I Am the Grinch That Stole Christmas

  1. So your support payments are $1,804.02. If you reduce that down it’s a six. Once you get three months of support checks in a row you should chant the ancient mantra while toasting marshmallows over a scented candle while crying silently in your bathroom. This will summon a member of the Illuminati to do your bidding for twenty-four hours. Well, an intern. He may be expired. I guarantee nothing.

    If all else fails, send a bag of dicks to him for Christmas: https://dicksbymail.com/


  2. Can we just send him to deadbeat dad prison already? Except no paycheck, no ability to pay spousal and child support. Okay, plan B. Can we just get the divorce decree signed and start garnishing his wages already?


  3. Nono – don’t send him any of these. Save that Grinch envelope and submit it to the judge when you have to have them garnish his wages… it might be seen as contempt of court. If you send nastiness back, you’ll lose the upper hand.

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  4. it’s just pathetic that grown adults choose to engage in such childish immature acts – AND they are the ones in the wrong which also makes it bizarre – they are the cheaters and selfish jerks and they think they are the victim???? DELUSIONAL lol but honestly I’m glad it bothers them if I were you I’d frame it and hang it above the trash can or something to remind you everyday of what pieces of shit they are AND that they are annoyed and salty it’s about damn time they reaped some vexation!

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    1. Oh, I definitely laughed. You are so right. How much more childish can they be? They cheated. They lied. They are in the wrong. They wanted this. They got exactly what they said they wanted- each other! So why pull all this crap? Maybe he can’t stand not being central. I find that hard to believe though because we are no contact and have been for a very long time. It probably comes down to the money. He’s pissed (and she’s even more pissed) because he has to pay me and because the judge didn’t buy his bullshit.

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  5. Can you not have his child support automatically withheld from his salary (some states allow spousal support to be withheld as well, but many don’t). Have you considered this?


    1. Yes, that’s going to be my next step. It’s a bit complicated though because our divorce will be finalized in one state, he lives in another state and I live in yet another. When I called a lawyer here I was told I had to go through the state where we divorced. When I told my lawyer that she said they were dipshits and I needed to go through my own state. We may be entering a wage withholding voluntarily (fingers crossed although I’m not holding my breath) so I won’t have to worry about it.


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