The Third Anniversary After Filing For Divorce

In honor of my anniversary yesterday, the 10th, and my latest Blast From the Past that talked about my first anniversary after filing for divorce I figured I would write a little something about my now third anniversary after filing for divorce.

Jeez freaking Louise! I never thought I would be able to say I’m celebrating my THIRD anniversary after filing for divorce. To be fair, there’s not much celebrating going on.

Last year I worked about 16 hours so I didn’t have a lot of time to think about what the day was. I think I was limping as I tried to do some Christmas shopping after working at both Target and Kohl’s. I was exhausted, stressed, poor, and just trying to get through the holidays.

I’m sure Cousinfucker’s day was marvelous. He and the whore probably went out and celebrated. They probably skipped happily through the malls Christmas shopping for her kids. Probably took a nice long, romantic trip to reward themselves for all their slutting around. Shared an expensive meal while reassuring each other that what they did to my children was fine and right because they were happy! Hell, they probably celebrated the holidays for weeks on end!

This year I was supposed to have a marvelous weekend. Rock Star had a cheer competition and the mobster and his daughter were going to join us. But alas, I’m not divorced yet and because of the Facebook hack and the mystery text message we decided the prudent thing to do would be to put our plans on hold and wait until the divorce is final before we see each other.

So I got to go to another event for my daughter alone. And navigate a strange town alone. And figure out where I was going once I got to the huge venue alone. I got to sit by myself, too.

I’m sure he and Harley were doing the nasty and celebrating the shit out of this day. Hooray! We’re living together and sleeping together and playing happy family together and getting engaged. But you, Sam, you must remain alone! You have to be a good girl until you are officially divorced.

You know what, though? All this shit does is make me stronger. I can do it all on my own. Cousinfucker can’t say the same. I take comfort in the fact that soon the mobster will be by my side, helping me muddle through all these adventures.

Fear not! I realize the disordered fuckwit and his equally disordered whore probably don’t even realize what the date of our anniversary is, much less celebrate it wildly.

I was simply peeved because my plans were interrupted. Hey- I bet I’ll be divorced next year! I damn well better be…

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