Another Text

I don’t know what it is with these people. Are they desperate for a response? Upset I won’t play? Love drama?

Rock Star was contacted by her dad and Pastor Fake days after Christmas. Both wanted to let her know that Tammy Faye was in the hospital; she has been put on dialysis because her kidneys are failing. I believe it was Pastor Fake who went so far as to tell her that he was letting her know so that she wouldn’t have any regrets. My daughter told me she was very tempted to write back: I won’t.

Jeez Louise, people! You help destroy this kid’s life and instead of, oh, I don’t know, apologizing, you try to pile on the guilt!

When her dad was doing his, “I know you hate me but your grandmother has done nothing to you!” routine, Rock Star replied to me, “She has, too! She set this all in motion, and even if she hadn’t she’s still okay with what he’s doing.”

Rock on, Rock Star! As she told me, “Sorry you’re just now learning about consequences.”

That’s what it all boils down to, isn’t it? They all want to be free to make whatever choices they want, whatever makes them feel good. Then when things don’t work out quite like they expected they play poor me and expect everyone to feel sorry for them and tell them everything is forgiven.

Tammy Faye chose to support her son. She, a confessed Christian who couldn’t skip a day of church, chose to support her son while he cheated on me. She happily tagged along to a funeral where CF introduced the whore as his new fiancee, knowing full well that I was completely unaware of what was going on. She chose to continue a relationship with the whore even knowing about their emotional affair from 2013. She chose her son and his whore and the whore’s kids over her own grandchildren. Each. And. Every. Time.

So Tammy Faye, I hope for your sake that the whore is visiting regularly. I hope she brings her kids to the hospital and they call you Granny and tell you how much they love you. I hope that in the end when you realize your two flesh and blood grandchildren aren’t anywhere around while you’re dying that you still feel like the payoff was worth it. I hope you’re able to come to the end of your life, look around the room, and say with sincerity, “Yes, it was all worth it. I sacrificed Rock Star and Picasso but I have my son, his gold digging whore, and her four kids in exchange. I came out ahead in the deal.” Because if not? Sorry to say that’s how consequences work.

3 thoughts on “Another Text

  1. It’s “funny” how they only started communication with Rock Star after the judge wiped the floor with CF, his excuses and his lies. “After” you beat his ass in the long game of taking everything (except your kids, dignity and gumption) away from you. Huh. Funny that.
    He’s hoping he can find an “in” and create a wedge between you and her. Delusion and Narcissm thy name is CF.
    He must be so fun to have around since he lost!

    Don’t let him in your head, Sam. Laugh it off. He ain’t got peace, he doesn’t want you to have it either. He ain’t worth itXO

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  2. A real parent would have kicked him in his ass and said “you go apologize to your wife, enter counseling, keep your nose clean, spend the rest of your days making it up to her and our grandchildren and be the man we thought we raised you to be.” However, she chose the other option and drew the hand she is playing now. It is exactly the way it should be.


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