Game Over, CF!

My former therapist once told me that I should go on to become a PI because I’m very good at finding things out. I am. I’m not going to become a PI but I am very good at playing the sleuth. I’m tenacious.

Because of my tenacious spirit I can say with certainty that CF and/or Harley hacked my Facebook page. Oh sure, all the circumstantial evidence was pointing that way- the fact he had unfriended Bob, then the stern conversation he had with Bob regarding our private FB messenger conversations. It’s not like it was in doubt, but I had no proof. Until now.

I did a little Google search, watched a short YouTube video, followed directions and downloaded an archive, and voila- the IP address appeared. Plugged it into an IP address finder website and BAM! What to my wandering eye should appear but the asshole ex’s new city and state! And their internet provider. Gotcha!

It didn’t pinpoint it to an actual home address but come on; how many people in his city are concerned with my FB page? It is all the proof I need and all the proof I think my lawyer would need. Game over, Cousinfucker! Do not fuck with me.

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