School Violence Touches Home

My kids stayed home today. My sister-in-law dropped my nephew off last night and had him spend the night because she worked all day today. He stayed home as well.

Their school has had two very specific threats this past week. I said when I heard about the first one on Monday I wasn’t going to send them. By mid-week I was wondering if I was worrying over nothing. Then another threat was found, along with a bag of bullets on the school lawn and a single bullet in the stairwell.

My kids stayed home. No question. My daughter was asking if it was going to be excused. I told her at the time I didn’t know, but she was going to take the absence regardless. I would rather be dealing with too many unexcused absences instead of having to identify my child’s body.

My mobster called the school this morning, asking what the thinking was behind keeping school in session. I guess the secretary had been fielding a lot of those calls and questions and her reply was that it wasn’t her decision.

When I called at lunch to excuse them from being at school I was debating if I should lie and say they were sick, tell them it was personal business, or just be honest and tell them I was keeping them home due to these threats. I didn’t need to worry; the person taking my call said they would be marked with an excused absence.

I debated briefly about informing CF. They are still his children despite his inaction. My thought process went one of two ways. First, if something did happen it would make national news. It’s doubtful he even knows where they attend school. I’m also not sure hearing there was a shooting at their school would even register as a thing with which to be concerned. On the off chance he does know where they attend, and he would indeed be concerned, I would feel bad that he was worrying when they were safely at home. I think that would normally fall under the category of, “Things I Should Share With My Kids’ Other Parent.”

My second train of thought was, “I have this handled. The kids are home; I made that decision on my own. They are safe no matter what happens at the school.” In that instance, there wouldn’t really be anything to inform him of. “Hey, there were multiple threats at the kids’ school this week. I’m keeping them home because of it.” Why bother to inform him if there is no danger? Why bother to inform him when it’s very likely that nothing would actually happen? I would basically be talking (or texting) to him just to talk to him. Why waste my breath?

Needless to say I didn’t inform him. Nothing happened. My kids stayed home and they are safe.

I am appalled that I even have to worry about my kids coming home safely from school. It sickens me. Sadly, I do not know the answer on how to fix this.

One thought on “School Violence Touches Home

  1. I don’t believe CF needs to be informed of anything regarding your children. He shows absolutely no interest in them, so why do you continue to think he does? You owe him nothing. If je wants to be informed, he can be in touch with them.

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