The One With the Birthday

My birthday was yesterday and wow- what a difference a year makes. Last year I de-activated my Facebook page because I couldn’t bear to receive happy messages from friends and relatives, wishing me a happy birthday and telling me to have an awesome day.

I woke up around 3:20 in the morning, went in to stock shelves at Target, came home to grab Rock Star and take her to school, and then I came home and I cried.

I couldn’t believe this was now my life. I was working two jobs and struggling to make ends meet. My life was blah and gray and this was during the period where I was begging for a quick death to put me out of my misery.

I had originally planned on going out to eat with my brother and his family after work that day but I was so depressed I canceled on them, telling them I didn’t feel like celebrating. They ended up coming over to the house before I got off work and were busy making dinner for me. “If you don’t want to go out to celebrate we’ll stay in and celebrate,” my brother told me. They even bought me a cake. It did cheer me up somewhat, and my niece gave me a very sweet card.

This year? This year was awesome! My fabulous mobster bought me a brand new gorgeous ring to replace the one he bought me at Christmas.


No, I’m not engaged. It’s not a promise ring either, although he tells me it can be if I want it to be.

Even better? He bought it for me when we were together over the weekend before my birthday. That weekend also included a trip to a winery which had lots of sweet wine and WINE SLUSHIES! OMG! The deliciousness makes me weep. Plus, he bought me two bottles of wine from there.

He video chatted me the morning of my birthday because he just wanted to see my face on my birthday.

I went upstairs and opened the package my mom had sent. Inside was a beautiful top, a gorgeous necklace and earring set, and a super soft dress.

Picasso wanted to give me my gift before he left for school. He had it packaged in a beautiful silver bag with tissue paper and everything. It was a beautiful amethyst ring/necklace/earring set. I almost cried when I saw it. I even told him it was a good thing the mobster and I hadn’t gone with the amethyst the past weekend. The best part of his gift though was the hug that came along with it and when he told me, “I’m glad you like it. I just wanted you to have something nice.” How sweet is that? That boy melts my heart.


Rock Star wished me happy birthday before I left for work and gave me a hug.

This year I let people know it was my birthday so my co-workers wished me a happy birthday and later in the day a flower delivery guy came into the bank. Turns out the mobster wasn’t done surprising me. He sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers. They smell so good, too! I called him after work and told him what an incredible man he was and he replied by telling me he wanted me to have flowers on my birthday.


I came home to change my clothes to go out for sushi with my brother and saw that Rock Star had left several gifts on the table for me. She bought me another pair of my favorite pj bottoms from Old Navy, along with a top to go with them. She got me an iTunes gift card and a bag of Flipz pretzels. And she got me a gorgeous bouquet of roses. They are so beautiful.


I checked on Picasso and he asked me if I had read his note. I hadn’t seen it; I was so taken with the roses and other gifts. I head back out and find a note propped up against my vase of Valentine’s Day flowers.

Dear Mom,

I cleaned up the kitchen a bit and felt bad that I didn’t get you a card. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate how much you do for us, but I wish you didn’t have to work so hard. I love you with all of my heart and to the moon and back. I wish I could see you a bit more but always know I will always love you.

Oh my heart! He felt bad because he didn’t get me a card?!?! He bought me a beautiful gift but he felt bad because there was no card. Everything he wrote was simply perfect. I cried reading it. The mobster cried, too.

The other day I was lamenting not being around enough but man, they really get it. It’s always a wonderful moment when you discover that your kids realize the sacrifices you make and how hard it can be sometimes.

My daughter wrote her own sweet message to me on Facebook:

Happy Birthday to the most amazing mom in the whole wide world! She is the sweetest, kindest, most loving mom I could ever ask for! I thank you for supporting me no matter what I do and for always letting me know how loved and cared for I am! I love you to the moon and back again and again! I hope today was as amazing as you are.

What great kids I have!

I did eventually make it out the door and out for sushi with my brother and sister-in-law. We had a drink afterwards and then I went home.

I got several texts from people, a message from a friend of my daughter, thanking me for everything I had done for her, and plenty of Facebook birthday wishes.

My niece, Queen B, wants to take me out for drinks which is an interesting change. Tomorrow my brother and his family and my kids and I are going out to dinner, and then on Friday sweet J is taking me out for my birthday.

It was a marvelous day, topped off with an end of the night video chat with my beloved. 2018 is off to a great start. I hope all my birthdays from here on out are as fantastic as this one was!

7 thoughts on “The One With the Birthday

  1. You (should) Know you’ve done well when your children write you such an endearing card and note! Truly! Well Done!

    It’s so hard raising kids these days, but when you receive love letters from kids, such as you have…. AGAIN… well done <3.

    Happy Birthday.

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  2. Happy Birthday dear Sam!
    My Tío Juan always says: “You receive love because you give love. Your post is a testament to his wisdom.
    I am smiling now knowing you’re a Pisces. THEY ARE WONDERFUL PEOPLE. As a fellow water sign and someone who likes to follow knowledge on the signs of the zodiac I feel a kinship to Pisceans. This is supposed to be one helluva good year for the Fish, so I am smiling again seeing all these things unfold. May all the good things coming your way find you with the joy, love, fulfillment and happiness that has already begun! XOXO

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  3. What an awesome post! Happy Birthday, Sam! All of your gifts were heartfelt and meaningful. Beautiful contrast to last year. (Kudos to Mr. Mobster, too!)

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