We Interrupt This Break…

If there are still any of you out there, I apologize for my long absence. I’ve been trying to write some posts and it’s just not flowing freely.

I’m doing well. I love my new job. Today the two supervisors in the office left Easter eggs all over. I was told that one Christmas they gave everyone stockings to decorate and then left a different gift in it every day. Plus, they seem really laid back and put a huge emphasis on family first.

All gushing about the bosses aside, it keeps me very busy. We have deadlines, which is new for me. One of the reports I will be doing next month has a 9 a.m. deadline, and most others have a 2 p.m. deadline, so we keep busy in the morning and have a little more leniency in the afternoon. There is certainly a lot to learn but I’m enjoying it.

My mom just got home this week. She’s off to Hawaii in late May and is heading to Orlando with me and Rock Star in early May for the last cheerleading competition.

Speaking of cheerleading competitions we went to one last weekend and the mobster and his daughter joined us. It was a delightful weekend. It was so nice having someone there with me. It was nice having someone else drive and figure out parking. It was nice for Rock Star to have multiple people cheering her on. It was a nice weekend all around.

We went out to eat and we did a little shopping. We watched a lot of cheer. My favorite part, though, had to be after Day 1 of competition. We asked the girls where they wanted to go and they both shouted, “Build a Bear!”

So in we went with two teenage girls- one who had just turned 17, and one who is just over 2 months away from her 18th birthday.

Let me tell ya- I don’t know if this is true of every Build a Bear store but at this one they got the full treatment. It was adorable watching them touch their nose and put their hand over their heart and all the other things they do with the younger kids to bring the bear to life.

They both loved picking out clothes and Rock Star took hers over to the “bath” to fluff her up. After dressing them they both made birth certificates for them.

Of course, the next place they wanted to stop was Pink for new undies.

Picasso is struggling somewhat in high school. I don’t know if it’s lack of effort or if he’s really having problems. I know he doesn’t have any friends. His friends all went to the other high school so he’s had to start over. He’s shy and an introvert so it’s tougher for him. I’ve got a plan though. Most of my plan involves him coming up with a plan, but I’ve got some ideas of my own.

I’ve got approximately two months until my daughter turns 18 and graduates from high school. Time has flown by.

We go for our college visits next week. We’ll be out in Utah and meeting up with some friends when she goes to visit the first college. I’m looking forward to it. Cafe Rio, here we come!

Two weeks after that we have U.S. Finals for cheerleading. This was a shock to me because I thought once they won a bid to Summit they would decline their bid to U.S. Finals. Apparently not. Making it even more of an adventure I’m not completely sure where we’re going for U.S. Finals. They are all over the country. I think they’re being held somewhere in Illinois but I’m not sure.

And as I said earlier we have a trip to Orlando planned in early May. Her team got a bid to Summit at the next to last regular meet of the season. This is a team that placed dead last at their first two competitions. We honestly thought there was no way they were going to get a bid, but they improved over the season and it looks like we’ll be visiting Mickey.

The mobster continues to be fantastic. We’ve been very fortunate and have met up every other weekend for the last 6 weeks. We won’t get to see each other for 3 weeks this time. It still beats a 5 or 6 week stretch!

I had a half day at work today so once I got off I went Easter basket shopping. I was joking around with Rock Star and told her she was too old for an Easter basket. I swear the kid turned into Linda Blair in The Exorcist! Nooooo!

That’s my life in a nutshell right now. I’m going to try to get my butt into gear and write some more. Until then, take care and Happy Easter!

4 thoughts on “We Interrupt This Break…

  1. Mercury is retrograde right now so it’s not surprising you are having trouble with writing/communication, plus the Blue Moon tomorrow which makes us all more introspective.
    It’s so good to hear you so happy, Sam.
    Happy Easter, girlie!

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  2. Still lurking and reading. 🙂

    And I accidentally hit “report submitted” on one of your ads instead of “next” I don’t even know what the ad was for!


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