One Lovely Blog Nomination

A huge shout out to blackacre02631 over on betrayed for nominating me. I’m so excited; I’ve never been nominated before.

The usual rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you for the award.
  2. Share seven things about yourself.
  3. Nominate 7 other bloggers and inform them

Rule #1 has been fulfilled. Onto Rule #2- 7 things about myself. Hmmmm…. I think I’ve already shared a lot through my List of 100 Things and Getting To Know You posts but I’ll give this a try.

  1. I’ve been writing this blog for over two years now. I’ve slowed down quite a lot- partially due to working and partially due to spending most of my free time with the mobster.
  2. I am almost finished raising one human being. Yes, I know being a mother never stops (hi, Mom!) but my delightful daughter, my beautiful baby girl, turns 18 in less than 2 months. Yes, I had a mini breakdown this weekend realizing that things will never be the same again once she leaves for college at the end of this summer.
  3. I love sushi. Currently my favorite sushi roll can only be found in Virginia at my favorite restaurant in my former town. It’s called the Angel Roll and it is heavenly. Pun completely intended.
  4. New Orleans, Hawaii and Alaska are a few places on my bucket list that I have not yet visited.
  5. I am madly in love with the Mobster, aka Divine Doorknobs. He is amazing. I never thought I would find love again and I was truly okay with that. I am even more okay with the fact that he came into my life, swept me off my feet and made me believe in love and relationships again after 20 disastrous years with CF.
  6. I am thinking of going back to church. Picasso is pretty much an atheist while Rock Star goes back and forth between believing, agnostic, and atheism. Right now she’s in a believing stage and I would like to foster that. I enjoy going to church. I don’t enjoy going by myself and my mother and I have wildly different likes when it comes to a church.
  7. I really really like my new job. I am busy pretty much all the time and I still have a ton to learn but I’m enjoying it. If I were to make a lot more money doing what I’m doing I could see myself remaining in my position for quite some time.

Rule #3- Nominate 7 other bloggers

I nominate Divine Doorknobs, If Only Mommy, The Unflown Kite, Walking the Journey, Crazybutttricia, Honey and the Homewrecker, and Autie Zombie Girl


2 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Nomination

  1. I appreciate the shout out! It was great to learn more about you, and I am thrilled for you that you have lots of love in your life and that you’re in a good place now. It may not be as easy or comfortable as what you once had, but it sounds like you have everything you need. That’s terrific.



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