Disney Road Trip With No Disney

I really need to listen to the mobster more. He is so wise. I was dreading this trip. For starters, instead of flying we drove- 17 hours each way- because CF couldn’t be bothered to get support paid on time. FYI: He’s still $700 behind. I wasn’t planning on going to Disney even though Rock Star had a 4 day park hopper pass for $35. I don’t know how much the discounted tickets were for us because by the time he did finally pay the link had expired and I was going to have to pay more for them. I wasn’t willing to spend that kind of money for a few hours at the parks. Seventeen hours there, seventeen hours back, and no Disney. No Epcot. No Animal Kingdom. The mobster told me to make the best of it, to enjoy this time I had with my daughter because it was the last time she was competing and would probably be one of our last road trips together. I thought he was losing his damn mind.

Guess what? I just got back from Orlando. Despite the 34 hour round trip and despite no Disney theme parks we actually had a really good time. It was low key and relaxing. We spent our days sleeping in and doing what we wanted, and we didn’t have to contend with the crowds at any of the Disney parks or feel like we had to get through everything in a few hours.

We made it to the hotel around 6 pm on Thursday. Since we weren’t paying hundreds of dollars for park hopper passes we went directly to the outlet mall instead. We shopped until around 11 pm with a break for dinner. Then headed home to the hotel and hopped in bed.

Friday we went to breakfast and then hung out by the pool almost all day. Rock Star was asking for a non-alcoholic pina colada so I indulged her and got myself a drink with alcohol which I enjoyed pool side. We eventually headed back to the room, showered, and grabbed some lunch. She had team practice at the All Star Resort and we weren’t sure how bad traffic was going to be so we took off around 5:30 to be there by 6:30.

After practice we drove an hour down to Titusville to a restaurant that I hadn’t been to since I was in Orlando with CF, visiting Blockhead, way back in 2000 while pregnant with Rock Star. “Technically, you’ve already eaten there,” I joked with her. This restaurant is famous for its rock shrimp, which taste a whole lot like little lobsters, I think. We always said we wanted to go back but we just never had the chance. This trip I had the chance and I took my mother and my daughter and I took that memory back.

Oh, the place itself had changed quite a bit, but there were still parts I remembered. And the rock shrimp was still tasty.

Saturday was our last full day there. I made the decision not to go and watch Rock Star compete. She had told me earlier she didn’t care if I came or not, and in fact, encouraged me not to. The reality is tickets for the competition were around $50. Had we bought park hopper passes through the link the ticket for the competition would have been included; however, we never had that chance. It turns out I made the right decision because the team imploded. Stunts fell. Tumblers fell flat on their faces. It was a disaster. Rock Star did well. She hit everything. She is so glad it is over!

Meanwhile, my mom and I were back at the outlet mall, going to places that we wanted to check out. I ended up getting Rock Star her birthday gift while there, and I got some vinyl Pop Ups that  Picasso likes.

Saturday was a rainy day so after picking Rock Star up we headed to Olive Garden for lunch before returning to the hotel. We went ahead and sat out by the pool and spent some time in the hot tub. I had a pina colada poolside and enjoyed sitting and doing nothing.

There was a team dinner over at Disney Springs that night so once again we cleaned up and headed out. The restaurant was outrageously overpriced (what else do you expect at Disney?) but I enjoyed my steak sandwich. Just wish I hadn’t paid $22 for it! We walked around a little bit afterwards (it took forever to get seated, to get waited on, to get our food, to pay our bill, etc.) and headed home.

Finally, it was time to head home. We stopped at a very weird IHOP for breakfast about an hour on the road, and made one more stop shortly thereafter so Rock Star could see the baby gators they advertised. We had planned to try to stop at a few attractions along the way home but we didn’t leave until almost 10 on Sunday. There wasn’t enough time if we wanted to get home before midnight on Monday. Ironically, we ended end stopping for the night in Kentucky. No, we weren’t close to CF and Harley.

We made it home by a decent time on Monday.

All in all, it was a great trip. Shopping, eating out, drinks by the pool, no alarm clocks, and hanging out by the pool. The only thing that would have made it better would have been better weather on Saturday and skipping the team dinner.


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