Mother’s Day 2018

Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there! Happy Mother’s Day to the aunts and grandmas and everyone else that might step in and help raise a fine human being. I hope your day was divine.

My entire weekend was good. Yesterday the whole family minus Rock Star went down to see my niece in her pinning ceremony from nursing school. It was a long five years but she did it and she’s so excited to get out there and start her career. She’s hoping to go into the military because she eventually wants to be a nurse anesthetist and they will pay for her schooling. Plus, as an added bonus she can begin schooling immediately instead of the required one or two years working as a nurse. My fingers are crossed that she is able to take the path she wants.

Today was good although my Mother’s Day festivities began on Friday when the mobster, that incredible man I am so lucky to call mine, had 2 dozen chocolate covered strawberries delivered to my workplace. They were delicious. I just finished them up today.

Saturday after the graduation festivities I came home to a basket of flowering plants, also compliments of the mobster.

Today began with an early brunch (oh hell, let’s just call it breakfast because we had to be there at 9!) at one of my favorite restaurants in the city. It is the former mansion of a prominent family that has been turned into a restaurant. The ambiance alone is worth going! The brunch itself was amazing!

They had desserts lining the bar. They had an omelette station. They had various cold salads, fruit, shrimp, and King crab. They also had the traditional breakfast fare- eggs, hash browns, waffles, cheese blintzes, sausage, and bacon. Plus, there was mahi mahi, chicken breasts, ham, and prime rib. I was stuffed!

I once again was gifted with some pretty amazing things. Picasso was telling me he didn’t know how he was going to outdo my birthday. I told him he didn’t need to; he just needed to get me something. Hey- if you don’t let your needs be known they will never be met. He ended up getting me two baskets for me to take to work (I was going to buy them for myself but he wanted to), some snacks (Gummi bears, chocolate covered walnuts, Flipz chocolate covered pretzels, and the dark chocolate covered almond Bark), plus a gift card to Starbucks! Is he fantastic or what?

Rock Star had to work pretty much all day today but when she came home she gave me a foot mask, a candle and a jar labeled 50 Reasons I Love You. They were so sweet. I think this one was my favorite though.


Doesn’t that pretty much say it all?

Topping it off the mobster’s daughter sent me a text wishing me a Happy Mother’s Day and thanking me for being in her life and making her and her dad happy. That text was awesome.

I don’t know if I was always expecting some grand adventure on Mother’s Day when I was married. I don’t know if perhaps I was simply less grateful. Maybe I expected more on Mother’s Day and CF never delivered.

Don’t get me wrong. He always had flowers delivered, thanking me for giving him two delightful children. I’m sure there were probably even times he bought me a gift to mark the day, although I don’t remember that happening much in the last few years. But that’s all. I got flowers and that was it. Maybe a Happy Mother’s Day. Most of the time, especially when the kids were very young and we still lived near my mom, I had the kids all day long by myself while he got a child free day to watch TV and relax. As they got older I was still the one spending the day with them while he hung back. I’m pretty sure in the last year or two he fully expected them to do most of the work behind Mother’s Day. I get it to a certain extent, but they were 15 and 13 the last Mother’s Day he was around, hardly old enough to drive to the store themselves!

Maybe it was the fact that I didn’t get to celebrate with my own mother seeing as how she was hundreds of miles away, so she got flowers from me on Mother’s Day because there was no way I could take her out to eat.

Regardless of the reasons I can say without hesitation that Mother’s Day has been so much nicer since he’s been gone. I enjoy getting to spend it with my family. I enjoy getting to plan something for my mom and even doing things we’ll both enjoy. I love the thoughtful gifts my almost grown kids get me. I just enjoy everything about the day now. Here’s to many more!

Happy Mother’s Day!

2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day 2018

  1. If you go back and read your first post and then this one you will see how much you have overcome and the great thing is you are happy. You have a wonderful mother, two fantastic kids and THE MOBSTER!
    Happy Mother’s Day.


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