Anniversaries Aplenty!!!

I meant to write about this back in May but time got away from me. The one year anniversary of the mobster and I “meeting” occurred towards the end of May. We are in debate over when we really “met”. He counts the 23rd because that was the day he found my post, liked it and began following me. As you all are probably aware any time someone likes your post WordPress sends you an email letting you know someone has liked/commented/began following you and then they list several of the reader’s most current blog titles if they, too, have a blog, and suggest that you take a look because, hey, you might like their blog as much as they like yours! So his liking my post led to such an email and resulted in me reading his blog and commenting on our similarities. It wasn’t until the 24th that we read each other’s comments and began texting. In case you were wondering I tend to consider the 24th as our official “meeting” day. The 25th was the day we first talked on the phone.

I was texting him on my way to lunch (I was walking through the grocery store, not driving a car). He asked me what I was having for lunch. I sent him a picture of my fried chicken. Next thing I knew I got a text saying, “Call me.” I looked at my phone with a curious expression on my face, thinking, “Um, this is supposed to be a texting relationship. Very superficial. I think talking on the phone is taking it to the next level.” Nevertheless, I called him and we had a delightful conversation. That is how he became the mobster.

I believe the 29th was the day he amped it up just a tad more with his video chat request. That was the night I knew I was a goner. He was so freaking charming and cute!

Needless to say the end of May is bursting with anniversary dates and what I was doing those last few days was making his anniversary gift and attempting to finish it before I left for Virginia to spend the weekend with him.

I saw the idea on Pinterest and even pinned it on our board. It was supposed to be a jar with 365 slips of paper in it. Each different color represented a category. I thought this would be a fairly simple project so I went shopping for supplies on Tuesday and figured I would hammer it out on Wednesday and Thursday so that I could present it to him Friday night/Saturday morning.

Let’s just say it didn’t happen quite like I imagined. I went shopping on Tuesday as planned. I even cut the card stock into squares on my lunch hour on Wednesday. I toiled until past midnight on Wednesday evening. I told him Thursday I probably wouldn’t have it done, even though I stayed up until midnight once again, despite having to drive 10.5 hours the next day after work.

I ended up working on this project Tuesday-Sunday the following week. I was getting nervous that it wouldn’t even be finished before he flew in for Rock Star’s graduation.

I ended up with 6 categories: Things I love about you/mushy texts, Remember when/weekend getaways, Jokes/Random Facts, Song Lyrics, Bucket List/Things I look forward to doing with you, and Love Quotes. I also threw in a bonus category entitled, “8 more to get you to an even 730.” Yes, that’s right. I was supposed to have 365 slips of paper tucked into a jar. I ended up with 730 squares of card stock placed into a very nice decorative box from Michael’s.


Honestly, there might be 731. Or I could have counted wrong and there are only 729.

I even decorated some of the squares with stickers and jewels.

It took forever! I swear I must have put about 30 hours into this gift of love. There was the thinking (of things I love about him, things on our bucket list, memories of him). There was going through my phone and copying mushy text messages I had written. There was going through my phone and copying all the dates of the weekends we had gotten together. There was copying lyrics and jokes from websites and then printing them off and in most cases, cutting the papers and glueing them onto the card stock. There was researching fun random facts and typing those up so that I could print those out and glue them onto card stock. There was hand writing all of the love quotes from our Pinterest board. There was researching some more cool jokes to add to my collection and then typing them up, printing, cutting and pasting those. I even did some editing!  A labor of love, I tell you! How did I think I could get this done in a mere two days?


At one point I told a co-worker, “I hope he likes it,” and she replied, “He created a Pinterest board for you two. I think he’s going to love it.” That’s so true.

Sadly, it is still sitting on my dining room table. The mobster only had a backpack as a carry on and he had no room to put his gift. He had to leave it behind and I’m supposed to mail it to him. Here’s a big secret: I am terrible at getting things in the mail. Absolutely horrible. So it may or may not get put into the mail.

That’s my explanation for part of my absence. I was also busy designing and ordering graduation announcements, collecting addresses for said announcements, and running my daughter around. I think I’ve also mentioned the trips to the airport, the weekends away with the mobster, and the weekends spent celebrating with family.

I digress. This is supposed to be all about our anniversary. We’ve known each other for one full year. We’ve been talking and texting for an entire year now. It’s really hard to believe. Who would have thought it would have lasted as long as it has? There was a brief moment of insanity when I didn’t think we were going to make it. But we have, and it’s good.



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