Maybe it’s because I’ve been sick most of the day so I’m more sentimental than usual, although what being sentimental has to do with being sick I’m not so sure.

The mobster called me when I finally got out of bed for good around 3 pm (I told you I was sick- I’ve had a headache all day and was puking this morning). He actually called more like around 5 and we were talking about everything like we normally do. He was showing me his crepe myrtle tree and I said something about how good it smelled. He said he didn’t think it gave off much of an odor which got us talking about his magnolia tree. I reminded him that when I was there the last time I had commented on how much fragrance the magnolia tree was giving off and that it smelled heavenly. He thought that day it wasn’t so much the magnolias but the crepe myrtle. He was wrong; I was right.

Anyway, he was lamenting the short season of magnolias. He thought they should last much longer considering they were in a warm climate. I reminded him that we both also love lilacs, and those trees/bushes don’t last very long either.

“Those grow up north, though, in harsh conditions. They bloom at the end of winter to show you that life still goes on,” he told me.

That’s so appropriate for us, two bloggers cheated on by our spouses, living hundreds of miles apart, who both love the smell of lilacs and who were brought together by chance. We’ve been through the harshest of circumstances and yet here we are, still alive and blooming. We can smile at each other, laugh together, and say, “Life still goes on.”

It does, you know. No matter what you go through life continues to march on. You can fight it all you want. You can wallow in self-pity. God knows I did that for a good long time. You can rage against the injustice. God knows I did that, too; I’m sure there are some who would say I still do that. Hopefully though, you emerge from your harsh winter like the lilacs and tell everyone you’re still here. You exist and life can still be beautiful; even the harshest circumstances can’t keep you down.

I love you, Mobster. We will always find time to stop and smell the lilacs.

9 thoughts on “Lilacs

    1. Thank you, Tina. He is a great guy. He’s been through hell, too, which is probably why it works so well. My mom likes to say that we’re both so happy to have finally found someone who treats us well and that we just can’t believe it.


  1. Love Lilacs. Where I am (upstate NY) we have a lilac festival every year. Blossoms usually coincide with mothers day +/- a week depending on specific variety. And? We have a variety called bloomerang that flowers 3 times a year. More time to smell the lilacs.

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