To the Moon and Back… But Only Until 8:30!

O.M.G. I am over here dying. I literally laughed out loud upon seeing this.

As you may recall CF is in a little snit and is mad at me, calling me names, etc. Eh, I don’t care. As Rhianna would say, “Bitch better have my money.”

I’m looking at my Venmo transfer (because that’s how we do it now) and I am once again looking at his calculations for Rock Star’s prorated child support. I knew he calculated it through her graduation date, but what I didn’t realize until just now was that the cheap ass sonofabitch calculated it through 8:30 pm on the day of her graduation! Yep, the minute she graduated she was officially no longer his responsibility. Couldn’t even bear to pay for the entire day. What an ass. It really puts all that, “I love you to the moon and back,” bullshit in a different light.

The other bit of irony to this is an observation by the mobster after I told him about the prorated child support. He said that CF must have had ulterior motives in coming up for her graduation. Wanted to make sure she graduated so he could have more money in his pocket. At the time I didn’t think that was a possibility but seeing as how he calculated it out to the fucking half hour his daughter graduated, I think the mobster was on to something.

Hey, at least he rounded up instead of shorting me the penny. That’s something, right?

You can’t make this shit up!

7 thoughts on “To the Moon and Back… But Only Until 8:30!

  1. I also suspected he had ulterior motives. I thought just proof she graduated but not surprised it was to get to the minute she graduated. Nothing the low life does surprises me.

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  2. Do you ever feel bad you chose such a crappy specimen to be your kids’ dad? I ask be cause I feel bad about this all the time for my kid. I really can’t comprehend what I was thinking when I got involved with him.


    1. All.the.time! Seriously, he sold me a bill of goods. He was all about family and how important it was to him. He was a West Point grad. He was honorable and loyal and didn’t want to put his kids through the hell of a divorce. He didn’t want his kids to go through what he did as a child. So much bullshit. His eyes should be brown.

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      1. Yeah – I got all the same bull before we were married- how it was a sacred covenant before God, There was no excuse for divorce. Family is everything. He would love his kids and i before everything on earth – only God could come before us. What a crock, a Nascar race on TV, a Beer with the guys, hell playing video games all came before us. So I should not have been surprised when some other woman did too.


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