More Crazy Talk

We are almost done. This is Part 4. Playing catch up? Here are parts 1, 2, and 3.

I think the thing that kills me more than anything is the stupid memes I find on her page. I’ve said before, for a whore she’s very philosophical. I’ve never seen a person post as much drivel as she does. I try to roll my eyes and move along but I’m afraid my eyes are going to get stuck in the back of my head because of the unending bullshit that she posts in her quest to be enlightened and tolerant.

She is a huge fan of a group on Facebook that offers up all sorts of inspirational memes and concentrates very much on being a better person and finding your soul mate. That’s kind of funny actually. She’s a horrible person. She fucked a married man. She was sending “inappropriate” pictures to a neighbor while she fucked my husband. She continued to sleep with her estranged husband while sharing a bank account and my fucking marital funds with my husband. She’s so focused on finding true love, her other half, and her soul mate and being connected by the universe and threads of time and waiting patiently for her win and yada yada yada that she never stops to ask herself, “Hey, do you really think you should be poaching someone else’s spouse? Is that really the path to enlightenment? Is that helping you to be your best self?” You want some inspiration and philosophy, Harley? Here ya go:


Naturally she doesn’t think like that. No, instead she goes with something like this:


Interesting. This has me curious. Maybe that’s the point. Is she trying to insinuate that they never talk about me because I mean nothing to them? I find that hard to believe when I’m taking over half of his paycheck and they both seem so eager to hack into my Facebook page. I’m not the one hacking into their social media! I’m also not tracking down her ex-husband to get dirt on her. Nor am I sending nasty text messages or constantly fucking with them.

Isn’t that also a fantastic way to get your detractors to shut up? By spreading the narrative that talking about them and their antics means you care about them they force you to be quiet lest people think they matter a great deal.

I have a different philosophy. I think evil should be named. I think it should be brought out into the light so everyone can see the ugliness. It festers and oozes when it hides in the warm, damp darkness.

I think we can all safely conclude that she certainly doesn’t take the approach of not talking about her relationship with her cousin. Although it may “mean everything” she is not taking the quiet approach. Oh no! She is shouting it from the rooftops. “I stole my cousin away from his wife of twenty years and both his kids! He left them all for me and moved six hours away just to be close to me and my heathens!” Bravo, whore!

What’s next in Whore Philosophy 101?


Nicely done, cunt face! Yes, please do encourage everyone not to look too closely at what happened. You can’t change the past or the fact you’re a whore who fucks other women’s husbands; so let’s just change the narrative from this point on. You’re not the cousin/mistress. You’re the cousin/wife. Forget the lies and the money and the cheating. This is your big chance to convince everyone that this is the epic love story that would not be thwarted. It was a love that could not be denied. It wasn’t some tawdry affair. It had meaning. We can all choose to concentrate on the wrongs that were done, or we can focus on the future. You might have been a cheating whore but that was ten minutes ago. Now you can start all over; you can change the ending and no one will call you a whore again. Even if you are one ‘cause leopards don’t change their spots. Whore.

Cute little side note? Tammy Faye commented on this one: Amen! It’s almost like she was saying, “Yeah, you are a whore who fucked a married man and destroyed his kids’ lives but you make him happy. We’ll just pretend all that nasty stuff never happened and take it from here. I call mulligan!

My favorite one, though, was this:


What the hell kind of mind fuck is that shit? What do cheaters have to be angry, enraged or insulted about? Are they pouting because their duped spouses aren’t buying the lies anymore? Has that sent them into a rage? Are they enraged because people aren’t thinking highly of them anymore? Are they insulted because people call them what they are? Doubtful. They don’t typically have shame or remorse.

Rise above the bullshit? What bullshit is she rising above? She’s got me calling her a whore although never to her face. She’s got a son she’s disowned basically. I’m not sure how The Saint views her nowadays. At one point he said she was just plain mean. Maybe it hurts her to not have his adoring support and she considers that bullshit.

You want to rise above the bullshit? Try losing just about everything, bitch. Try being forced out of your home. Try starting all over… By. Yourself. And with no money because you trusted your spouse and you stayed home with the kids while he climbed the career ladder. Oh wait, that’s what you did to your husband, too. Both of you using us so that you could get further and then deciding years later that we no longer served your purposes so we were discarded.

I’ve been doing nothing except rising for the last three years. I’ve pulled up roots yet again, moved hundreds of miles yet again, kept it together for the sake of my kids, worked two jobs to support those kids when the love of your life was declining to pay support, put one foot in front of the other, and kept going.

What kind of bullshit did you need to rise against? Did you lose your home? Were you forced to move out of the state? Did your kids lose their father to another woman and her kids? Did you have to suddenly go back to work after a fifteen plus year absence and try to support your kids with no help from The Saint? Were you left wondering what was so wrong with you that your husband chose another woman over you? Did you listen in stunned bemusement at all the lies your ex told about you in his efforts to turn himself, the cheater, into a victim? No, no you didn’t, you fucking cunt. That’s what you helped do to me. You decimated my life and then want to turn around and act like you’re magnanimous. And philosophical. And so much bigger than the rest of us.

Flick your light back on and shine it brighter than ever? Seriously? Why don’t I shove a flashlight up your ass and that way when you open your pie hole to spit out this drivel you can shine a light on your nonsense? Once again, whores are so philosophical and so misunderstood. Let’s help them shine a light onto their greatness. God knows we wouldn’t want them to shrink back into the darkness.

I think the last line is my favorite though: Fall so deeply in love with your own life that anyone who tried to wrong you becomes a laughable, ridiculous, distant memory.

Brilliant! She will not be kept down. No one will shame her.  Does anyone have any doubt that the whore loves her life? She’s got everything she’s ever wanted and has suffered no consequences. Why would she not love her life? She does not need that advice. She needs advice that centers on being humble and kind!

And who has tried to wrong her? She is the one going out and wronging others. She wronged me. She wronged my children. She’s wronged her own son. She wronged her husband.

This idea that any of us should somehow become a distant, laughable, ridiculous memory is insane. She is the one who needs to fade into the darkness.

She likes to turn it around so that she’s the enlightened victim, refusing to let the haters get her down. The reality is she’s the one doing all the victimizing.

This advice isn’t actually bad. Believe me, I am doing my best to fall deeply in love with my new life, the one foisted upon me by the whore and my philandering husband. I would love nothing more than for her and her ilk to disappear and be nothing more than a laughable, distant memory. The problem lies in the fact that cheaters like her take this crap and use it for their own nefarious purposes. The people who really need this advice are people like me, the mobster, and any of you who have been duped by your partner.

With that in mind I’m going to offer this piece of advice to Harley: Take your insipid, not-needed-self-esteem boosting memes and shove ‘em the same place I’d like to shove that flashlight!


8 thoughts on “More Crazy Talk

  1. I am loving this series of posts. I always wonder if my meme loving friends truly believe what they post. I guess it beats thinking too hard, performing self-reflection and doing the internal work to love yourself and become someone your are proud of.

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  2. Sam – you would get such a kick out of some of the meme’s my ex posts. Here are some of the better ones – “I was just another promise you couldn’t keep” “The worst feeling in the world is knowing you’ve been used and lied to” “A real man never hurts a woman, body mind or heart” “Sometimes we expect too much from others because we would be willing to do that much for them” and mu personal favorite “Its not enough to feel love for someone – you have to keep choosing them every day” This is the cheater who threw me and our son out of his home and life.

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  3. Obviously I did a lot of pain shopping at first but I learned my lesson – nothing good or positive ever comes from it – you do you and leave them to karma. That is what works.

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  4. I had a fairly lengthy conversation with my doc. We were discussing what happens when I go on a date, and the relationship gets serious, and I get asked the question.

    You know the question, “So what happened in your relationship with C?”

    I have two choices really, I can lie again and spin it into some variation of I cheated but somehow is C’s fault. Which of course would be total, utter and incomplete b*******. I know who I am. I know what I did.

    The only honest and truthful answer to that question requires that I take the risk, face the uncertainty and be emotionally open about both my behavior and the consequences. as I said, I know who I am, and I know what I did. I also know how I’ve taken responsibility, owned it, learn from it, and created a situation we’re on that running from it or hiding or blaming. I made the choice. I can make other choices now.

    Whatever happens next, I cannot pretend to be something that I wasn’t. I cannot rewrite the past. I cannot hide behind philosophy or victimization or half-truths if I’m serious about never putting myself or anyone else in this position again.

    And quite frankly, I’ve never blamed C or K or anybody else for my behavior.

    I have questions of course, things I don’t understand, that I would like to know more about. There were things said after the fact that indicate she was very unhappy in our relationship. I didn’t know probably because I was caught up in my own prideful shame, guilt, and remorse and wasn’t seeing clearly. However, I also didn’t know because she didn’t tell me.

    My behavior caused me to lose everything. I lost my home, my reputation, my leadership role in the community, and much of my identity. I’ve lost material things, time, and energy.

    However, what I grieve the most are the loss of C’s respect and love, the loss of our history together as we written by her trauma of my betrayal, and the loss of a future together with a woman that in many respects I’ve spent my entire life trying to find.

    I’ve been accused by Interlopers of adopting a self-serving Narrative of philosophy and romanticism. However, much of what I have adopted is who I was before the weight of my betrayal, secret keeping an escalating series of Lies warped my identity and my relationship with others. I’m eternally grateful to be free of this Secret, which was my only real Secret. I cannot be blackmailed, shamed, or humiliated as long as I’m willing to openly acknowledged what I’ve done.

    It isn’t that it doesn’t need to be called-out. C has done that and my consequences speak volumes. But any push back that I offer is because I will not be clubbed by those who are using it for their own shameful and arrogant purposes, buy those who is choosing not to even speak to me and adopt a narrative that allows them to play a role in the drama triangle they’re fueling.

    As I have said before, I deserve nothing from C. I don’t deserve answers, a conversation, forgiveness, or even an acknowledgement of my existence.

    Every situation is different Sam, and as I’ve said before, you’ve been on the receiving end of some very ugly Ugly.

    I cannot unring the Bell. All I can do is move forward. And as much as this will annoy you, I’m going to quote a Greek poet: “Day by day we are born as night retires, no more possessing aught of our former life, estranged from our course of yesterday, and beginning today the life that remains.”

    This gives me encouragement to start each day again. I created the burden. I carry the burden. Everyday I have to shift the weight in order to move forward. What I did was not okay and I’m going to live the rest of my life knowing what I destroyed.

    And to quote my favorite band, The Record Company:

    Dream about you every day
    I can’t go back, you’ve gone away
    Knock me down but that’s okay
    We all look back on yesterday
    We all look back on yesterday

    I got this life to fix
    Threw it all out in a ditch
    Broken down when I was sick
    Gotta build it back up brick by brick”

    I appreciate your writing, gives me a lot to think about.


  5. Social media has brought out the entitled in droves – they’ve always been around but now they have a forum. It’s a curated mind fuck. I know a few women like this. And yes, it’s always women, men for some reason take their narcissism out differently. I have a friend who posts her daughter’s college gpa – 4.0, naturally. (I have 2 in college, their gpa is their business, their character and seriousness about school will form their futures). Never mentions her arrest record and public drunkenness that kept such a brilliant mind out of the ivy leagues, and is now at a tier 3 school, the name of which is never mentioned. Said woman gets hundreds of comments and likes every day. She is 55 years old. I don’t even have 100 friends on social media, her friends include people I’ve introduced her to one time in passing, very bizarre. From the outside, her life is beaches bikinis and brilliant spawn, every day. It’s bullshit but she gets validation and just keeps it up. Her behaviour in real life has become unbearable because she’s constantly behaving like an Instagram post. She plucks characteristics she admires in others and makes them hers, I have no real clue what her likes, dislikes, tastes etc actually are. People love that shit and praise her endlessly about her beauty and their admiration for her.

    So what’s worse? The sm whoring or the lemmings who stroke every post? And full disclosure, I still stalk the mow on social media because I can’t fucking help myself. Luckily her life is shit and mine is improving.

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