End Of An Era

I was on vacation this week. It’s Rock Star’s last full week at home. I drop her off on Wednesday. It will be the end of an era. No longer will I have two children at home full time. This year I will be sending only one child off to high school. Man, I am going to miss that girl of mine. At the same time I’m a little bit excited about the thought of it being just me and Picasso. He’s a much quieter kid. He tells me all the time, “Mom, I’m an extreme introvert.” He’s my kid that will pass on dinner invitations in favor of playing Xbox with his friends, suggesting that I “bring him something back” instead.

I’ve enjoyed this past week. It’s been me and Rock Star. It’s been mostly shopping and eating out. We went to Chicago on Monday and visited Shedd Aquarium before shopping until we dropped. Tuesday was shopping for more clothes and for her dorm. I swear, her dorm room is going to look nicer than my first apartment! She and her roommate have a color theme and everything. We shopped some more on Wednesday. Thursday we got pedicures and massages and then Friday we went to see a movie. What I’ve enjoyed most though has just been the conversations. Being able to sit and listen to her tell me things like she always has.

These past few years have been tough. Between my work schedule and her school, work, and cheer schedule it doesn’t seem like we’ve been able to spend nearly as much time together. When she is home her boyfriend is over and she’s off with him. Maybe that’s nature’s way of preparing us for a life without them. But I’ve missed it. And now I will miss weeks and months without her. I’m preparing myself to cry after I’ve dropped her off, so I probably won’t now. That’s the way it always happens. When you prep for it it doesn’t happen. If you think you’ll be fine, that’s when you end up a blubbering mess.


3 thoughts on “End Of An Era

  1. I cried stopping my son off at college his freshman year and I was totally thrown for a loop. I did not expect the emotion that came out of me. I’m taking my daughter to her first year college next week too and I’m bracing myself! ❤️


  2. I’m sniveling this week over just sending my boy to middle school. I can’t and don’t want to even try to imagine the drop off at college. Since my boy is special needs – its going to come a lot later than it is for you, if it ever does. For all the difficulty that having a special needs child entails it has some lovely compensations too. My boy will need me well past 18. I intend to fully savor every one of those “extra” years I get.


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