My Darling Daughter

My daughter is leaving in a few days. I might throw up a few posts here and there about her and all her wonderfulness in her honor.

I wanted to share with everyone a conversation we had during our week together. I was telling her that I was about at the end of my budget for her. That girl can shop! She tells me, “Mom, only four more years and then I can start buying you things.” She wasn’t just talking about buying me a candy bar or a gift card. She was seriously telling me that after she graduates from nursing school she was willing to take care of me and buy me all the things I can no longer afford. I was very touched but told her it was my job to take care of her, and that when she started a family of her own she wouldn’t want to be burdened by taking care of her mother, who should be able to stand on her own two feet.

She is seriously thinking of being a traveling nurse once she graduates, and at this point in time she has offered to have me live with her, travel with her. I’m honored that she feels that way and wants to spend so much time with me.

Alas, I do have another child and I’m not sure I would be allowed to bring him. Sure, he’d be in college by the time she graduated but I don’t think I could really set him loose at that point with no home base. Plus, there’s the mobster. I do love that man. I don’t think he’d be very happy to sell his house and business to move up to where I am and then have me turn around 3 years later and take off to travel the world with my daughter. Although….

… with all expenses paid I should have enough money that I could fly back several times a month to see him. And he could serve as a home base for Picasso. They could play video games together. I wouldn’t even be missed. Houston, I think I’ve solved the problem!

Just kidding.


One thought on “My Darling Daughter

  1. You would be missed. PUBG is not a replacement for YOU!!! Just as Candy Crush cannot replace me, right……..
    Maybe I can get a pilots license and fly you and your traveling nurse wherever the next medical event takes you.


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