Another Beauty Treatment Story

While I was on vacation Rock Star and I got lash extensions. At least I think that’s the correct terminology.

She really wanted them and it was her stay-cation so I agreed. For $22 she got new, luxurious eyelashes. They looked so good I decided I would go ahead and get them done as well. For $22 how could I pass it up?

They looked amazing! I absolutely loved the look of the lashes. However, it was very difficult for me to get used to having them. I felt like I had spiders on my eyes sometimes.


She cautioned us against rubbing them because apparently that can pull them out. However, I must have missed the part about not getting them wet because the very next morning I took a shower and when I got out of the shower I had a corner of my new eyelashes hanging off.

We were headed to Chicago that day so I didn’t have any time to head back over to get them re-glued. Fortunately, Rock Star had eyelash adhesive from her cheerleading days and we used that.

I think that might have been the source of all my problems. I always felt like the left side was ready to fall off. Plus, I already have dry eyes which, ironically, seem to always water and seep while I’m sleeping, resulting in crusty eyelashes in the morning. Sorry if this is TMI. I figured though I’ve already shared my chronic farting with you, plus the fact I have to shave my beard every few days, so I think you can deal with my eyelash gunk. Anyway, it was a little difficult to get my eyes cleaned in the morning. Not that I want to leave you all with an image of tons of crust built up on my lashes. That’s not it at all. But with the extensions you weren’t supposed to get them wet which makes washing your face a little difficult and left me feeling a bit not-so-fresh.

Rock Star ended up taking her eyelashes off by Day 3. I lasted until Day 5. They’re supposed to last 2-3 weeks. I took another shower though, and despite NOT getting them wet I still had the corner part of the eyelash coming off again. I couldn’t get it back on. Rock Star insisted I looked fine even though I was missing a corner and taking them all off would have taken a while so I put some mascara on my skimpy lashes and went to the movies. I took them off later that night.

I know the real question you’re asking: Would I do it again? I think I would. I really loved how they made my eyes look. I didn’t mind the extensions on my right side, which didn’t have any problems. It was mainly my left side. I think if I got them again and then didn’t get them wet so that they started to fall off, I might like them better the second time around.

I’ll let you know what happens.

Here are some close up shots of my luscious eyelashes!



Very close up!


4 thoughts on “Another Beauty Treatment Story

  1. You are so funny and, as a matter of fact, I though about your facial hair post yesterday. I was sitting in the car, no make-up on, waiting to go into a Groupon massage appointment…and I looked in the mirror. Really looked in the mirror. At my chin. Good grief. Thank goodness I had little tweezers in my purse. Had just enough time to clear my chin of hair and pretend I didn’t see a mustache 😂 Maybe I should wear my glasses more often.

    I’ve thought about getting the lashes but don’t think I’d have the patience to deal with them. Maybe for a special occasion? They certainly look great on you!


  2. I have done it, they last for weeks (I take care of them, love the look) and I vote for absolutely yes yes get them refilled every 4-6 weeks. They make eyes pop (your eyes are gorgeous, Sam), and they have the added bonus of a youthful look (dammit, we lose eyelashes and brows as we get older), which is why I’m a fan of both.
    Seriously, what a beautiful look, Sam. They make the color in your eyes more intense.


  3. My latest is the lash lift! I love extensions. But can’t keep up with the infills. And loathe when they start to fall. Want to rip my natural lashes. Too itchy and patchy. Lift has lasted nearly three months.


  4. I have chronic dry eye that makes my eyes really watery. I talked with my optometrist and she said if I use eye drops more regularly- ones which lubricate the eye the watering would lessen- and she is soooooo right. I use little ampules instead of the bigger bottles because then I can keep one or two in my purse and they are always sanitary…. mine are called refresh optive you just get them at the grocery store or pharmacy and it makes a world of differences I also didn’t realize how often my eyes burn from being dry until they didn’t….. but the lashes look lovely! Sorry to be massively off topic!


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