Anniversaries and Milestones

It’s been a big week. Eh, actually a little more than a week. By the time this is published it will probably be a big 9 days.

August 10th marked the 3 year “anniversary” of finding out my life was collapsing around my feet. I’ve already written about that.

August 14th marked the 5 year “anniversary” of finding out my darling husband was still fucking around with his cunt face cum dumpster of a cousin. I know this because Facebook was so kind as to remind me of the big surprise I had for my daughter that day.

If you recall the story I found the message from The Saint the day of Rock Star’s birthday party. The only thing that I had managed to keep a secret from her was how we were getting to the reservoir that day. Up pulls a 14 passenger white Hummer limousine. I have her reaction on video.

August 15th I took my daughter to college. I helped her set up her room. I bought yet more crap for the dorm room. I ate lunch with her in the dining hall. And then I drove away, leaving a little piece of my heart on campus.

I didn’t cry. I had a few tears in my eyes as I was pulling out of the parking garage, but I quickly wiped them away. This is what is supposed to happen. I told myself that this is ultimately my job as a parent.

August 16th Picasso began his sophomore year. It was quite the adventure because there were a “few wrinkles” to iron out, as the transportation department likes to say. Basically, that translated into, “We’re sorry the bus didn’t come for your kid anywhere close to on time.”

I’m not sure when it did arrive because by 8 am he had texted my nephew to see if he could get a ride. The bus was supposed to arrive at 7:39 so I think he gave the driver ample opportunity to get to him.

The next day it was only about 10 minutes late picking him up, but at least it arrived and he wasn’t late for school.

Bonus- on the ride back he encountered one of his friends from middle school. I think I may have told you that he washed his phone in June so he’s lost all of his contacts. He was very happy to run into this person. It turns out she is part of an after school club at a different school but they allow students from all the area high schools to participate. They get together and play various board games, according to Picasso; he’s slightly interested in participating so that makes me happy.

Finally today, August 19th, is an anniversary of sorts for me and the mobster. Yet another one. We like anniversaries. He sent me beautiful flowers at work on Friday. He is always so sweet and thoughtful.

We were supposed to get together this weekend but he’s at a family wedding. He was going to look into flying me out there so I could attend with him, but it didn’t pan out. Plus, it has already been a crazy week, what with taking Rock Star down to college, Picasso starting school, and my mom taking off for Hawaii. I didn’t want to take off and leave him all by himself with all these changes happening.

That has been my crazy week plus a few days. How has yours been?




2 thoughts on “Anniversaries and Milestones

  1. Glad Rock Star’s college living started out right, it makes such a difference. I drove mine down to school with her car (finally a sophomore) the 1,000 miles from home. Funny, she didn’t want to drive any – just sleep and text. Still – I will take 14 uninterrupted hours of time with her however I can get it.


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