That Time Sam Struck Back

What can I say? I’m bad at following my own advice. I broke no contact. Slightly. I mean, there is a chance he’ll never see what I wrote in response so….

What has happened, you ask? Let me tell you.

Cousinfucker is at it again. Back with more shitty commentary. I decided I was going to look at my Venmo history to try to chart CF’s payments. The month is more than halfway over and I hadn’t received any spousal support. He had paid one child support payment- paid without incident or comment. He paid his own personalized modified amount, but he paid child support.

I will note that this is a departure from his regular pattern. When he paid alimony and child support on both kids he would pay child support-spousal support-child support-spousal support. I don’t know why, but that was generally his pattern. Once he took it upon himself to modify child support by half he paid spousal support-child support-spousal support. This month he began with the child support.

On with the story… I was perusing Venmo to chart his payments when I saw another payment from him for half of my alimony. Once again I got no notice- no email, no notification on my home screen, nothing.

He once again decided he had to comment. I will commend him for being smart enough to realize he needs to keep this shit private. Or maybe he doesn’t want anyone seeing that he has to pay out alimony and child support. Maybe he’s convinced all the newbies that he and Harley have been married for years and her kids are his kids. Maybe he realizes he’s a shitty human being and that the crap he spews at me is unnecessary and douche-y. Whatever the reason he has the comments set to private. This was this month’s comment:

What’s it for? That doesn’t even deserve an answer. Everyone knows why this money is changing hands. Because the party of the first part needs to supplement the inability of the party of the second part to live on her own merits.

I guess he thinks that’s going to make me feel bad. Sorry, Button, I don’t feel guilty at all about taking your money. If not for me you would be a first shift superintendent at best. You got to where you did because you had a wife who was willing to move over and over again, discarding one life and rebuilding another repeatedly to satisfy your whims and petulant desires when you were not being appreciated enough!

I give you Exhibit A- Harley the Whore. You’ve had offers for more money but you don’t want to leave the state. You want to be near your sister supposedly, and your whore can’t move out of state. That’s what happens when you can’t relocate for advancement. All those guys throughout your career that were supervisors for years and years? They remained supervisors because they didn’t want to move. That would have been you if I hadn’t been willing to move.

The utter gall of this man! I spend my life moving all over the country and propping him up, being his biggest cheerleader as I take care of the home and the kids, and he’s going to try to throw shade at me? Oh hell no! Not today, asshole.

So I broke no contact and I replied to his shitty message:

You know the definition of alimony? The screwing you get for the screwing you got. Chin up, Buckaroo- only 15.5 more years.

I’ve had enough of his damn comments. I’m tired of taking the high road while he flings poo at me over and over again. I hope the response is suitably mocking. I didn’t want him to think that he was hurting my feelings or making me feel shamed, but I also wanted to let him know he wasn’t going to continue to get away with running his mouth. I did especially like the, “Chin up, Buckaroo,” touch. I have a feeling he’s going to hate that. I think he might think I’m not taking him seriously. Oh my!

To be fair I did poke the bear somewhat after his Potato Chip Squire jab. I changed my profile picture from a headshot of me to a picture of me and the mobster. Maybe he didn’t realize it when he paid child support earlier. Or maybe he did notice it and that’s why he decided to pay child support first instead of spousal support.

It could also be the fact that the mobster very graciously offered to help me pay for Rock Star’s books. He had wanted to do something extra for her and was going to send her money for whatever, but when I was telling him about how I was going to end up paying for her books he offered to go half on it with me. She needed the money right away so I transferred my share from my account into hers, and the mobster sent her money through Venmo. He even used the cute book emoji.

This would have been shortly after CF texted Rock Star to ask when move in day was and to ask her if she needed anything. She told him she needed help paying for her books and named something else. He responded by giving her tips on college life and then finished it up with, “Just let me know if you need anything.” As she said to me while relaying this story, “I literally just told him what I needed and he ignored it.”

Instead, the mobster came to her rescue because her dad couldn’t be bothered. Since all that shit is public CF undoubtedly saw it.

Whatever the reason he is once again lashing out at me. Only this time I hit back. Chin up, Buckaroo!


3 thoughts on “That Time Sam Struck Back

  1. Well you are obviously still getting to him! Good for you. I know I wouldn’t be able to resist replying to that crap – I loved your response. That will probably give him a crying fit!

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