Re-visiting Menopause

I thought I would give you an update since that post got such a great response.

First the good news. I am one month shy of being period free for an entire year. I remember this because it started only days before my divorce trial. I have heard that if I make it a full year without a period that I am DONE! Hooray!

On the not so good news side… the farting is worse than ever. I swear, if I move I fart. Not all the time, mind you, but enough that I am very careful when I get up off a chair. Or cough. When I make any sudden moves really.

And the beard? Oh, it’s still growing nicely. The last time I got it waxed off the nice little Asian lady actually took great satisfaction in ripping out all the hairs. “Oh yeah!” she cackled once, ripping the hairs along my neck.

Thankfully, I was at a festival the other weekend and my mom happened upon some facial hair removing cream. Yes, that’s what I’ve been reduced to. Buying facial hair removal cream at festivals.

I forgot to mention this the last time but I have noticed in the last few years that I have strange growths on my skin every now and then. Mostly it’s skin tags, but not in places that you would expect. They’re not in places where material rubs against the skin; they simply erupt out of nowhere- first looking like a pimple perhaps, and then fulling forming into something I don’t want on my body. Now I’ve got some sort of skin blemish on my forehead. Fantastic!

As far as the hot flashes go I’m not sure if I’m still having them, or if it’s the changing of the seasons because I was cold and then burning up, cold and then burning up most of the weekend. Granted, I was outdoors where the temps were in the lower 60s, and then going inside with a sweatshirt on, but still… I hope the hot flashes are gone. I am not a fan. Update: They’re back. I’m constantly burning up and then getting chills. It’s happening everywhere. At home. At work. In restaurants. Outside. Inside.

You know what? I’m so excited about the possibility of no more periods- EVER- that I don’t even care! I thought maybe I would feel a little sad about menopause. No more babies. Growing older. But no. I’m looking forward to it. I’m embracing it. I’m going to grab myself some Bean-o and call life good!

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