Happy Thoughts

Let’s talk about something happier than what I’ve been discussing. How about another weekend update on me and the mobster?

We have returned to the same Air BnB three times in a row now. It’s a beautiful place. It’s a suite connected to a house but it has a full size kitchen and a large living area with a gas fireplace. Then the bedroom is off to the side with an adjoining bathroom, which also opens out into the kitchen/living area. The best part though? We pay $57/night for it! You can’t get that kind of a price even at a dumpy hotel.

The first time we went was the first weekend in December. We fell in love with the place. Plus it’s not too far from where we’ve stayed before. We had an amazing time checking out the local scene, although the first night we stayed in and watched The Christmas Chronicles in front of the fire.

In the morning we went to breakfast at this cute little diner called Sunny Street Cafe. I love how all of their mugs are different, and they’re all hand-painted. The food was good, too.

After that we headed over to Meijer. We checked out the Christmas stuff and ended up buying a puzzle. We bought some snacks to keep hunger at bay while we were doing said puzzle. Our plan was to stay home, do the puzzle, watch some Netflix and munch on the snacks. Then I got the brilliant idea to stop by this new bar/boutique that had just opened. I have a friend who loves Moscow Mules and this place had a holiday version. I was intrigued. We’ll just have a holiday Moscow Mule and then head back. Famous last words.

Zassy’s used to be a home decor boutique before this recent move. They have very cute things. It has a definite country feel to it. But in this new location, which is a converted bowling alley, the home decor boutique is in the back and they have added a bar and grill.

We checked out the boutique, even bought a few Christmas decorations, and then grabbed a seat at the bar. We both had a holiday Moscow Mule which was very delicious. We also went ahead and ordered a chicken quesadilla and chips and salsa. The mobster got to talking to the bartender and found out he was in real estate. That’s something the mobster has always thought about doing. We all chatted for a while and then we decided to go next door to Plum Run Winery. I mean, what are the chances that you’d have a taproom and a winery right next door to each other?

I tried a flight of wines and ended up ordering a glass of their cranberry wine. It was sooooo good. We actually ordered an appetizer of Brussel Sprouts there. They were quite tasty. We were going to order the gigantic Bavarian pretzel that is served hanging from a hook but they were sold out.

They had a Christmas bizarre going on inside as well so I ended up buying a few things, including a Christmas gift for my mom.

By the time we left to head home it was almost 7 and we were caught in traffic for the city’s Christmas parade. A very nice cop on a bicycle told us to head the other way, the wrong way down a one way street in fact, to get out of the traffic and be able to head home.

Once home we began working on the 500 piece puzzle while we listened to Christmas music. And that’s what we did until 1 in the morning!

We got up late, headed over to O’Charley’s for brunch, and then wandered around Target for a little while. Parting is such sweet sorrow. It’s definitely hard to say goodbye.

We had wanted to get together with most of our kids and go to the Columbus Zoo to see the Christmas lights next time but that didn’t pan out. Instead we reserved the same Air BnB and exchanged Christmas gifts and finished up Christmas shopping for our kids.

Our first night there we headed out for a late dinner. We tried out yet another new place called Planks on Broadway. The food wasn’t bad but it definitely had more of a small town feel. It seemed to be the kind of place where everyone knows everyone else so we were kind of out of place. As I told him later I wish we had chosen to go back to Zassy’s or Plum Run Winery.

In the morning we got to open our Christmas presents to each other! I couldn’t wait for him to see what I had given him. I even numbered them and had him open them in the order that I thought would bring the most excitement. His first gift was a set of plaques declaring my love for him. It was actually the very first Christmas gift I bought this year. His second gift was a Dunder Mifflen Inc. Paper Co. shirt. I may have misjudged how much he was going to love it because he whipped off his shirt and put that one on instead. His third gift was a set of candles. He loves candles. One was just a regular Yankee Candle but for the second one I used their personalization service to create a special label with a picture of the two of us and the caption, “You Are the One” on it. His fourth gift was a set of Elf pajamas. I had looked everywhere trying to find him an Elf t-shirt but struck out; however, I did manage to find some cute pjs and I know he wears pajama bottoms a lot. I told him it was a toss up between the final two gifts. Gift number five was a cup I painted at a local pottery place. I had written the names of all the places we had been to on it. Finally, he opened the Red Sox wreath I had had my co-worker make for him.

I received an air fryer which I had wanted, a pair of polar bear pajamas, two chocolate caramel apples, and a Bob Ross calendar. We love Bob Ross. He also was planning on taking me out to buy me a piece of jewelry and later bought me a puzzle as well.

Afterwards we once again had breakfast at Sunny Street Cafe. Afterwards it was ON for that last minute Christmas shopping. I honestly thought we might spend an hour or two finishing up. Instead it turned into an all day affair.

The highlights of the shopping trip were buying my beautiful double heart necklace, finding out that in Ohio Meijer lets you sample alcohol and the mobster’s first foray into Ulta.

  1. The mobster knew he wanted to buy me some jewelry; he just didn’t know what exactly. Originally I thought I was going to go with a bracelet but I ended up choosing a beautiful double heart diamond necklace. I love it!
  2. Ohio is either the very best state in the union, or the worst. I’m not sure which. I’ve seen their drive-thru liquor stores, which while convenient is also a little scary. I pass one every time we meet up and I’m just amazed. I’ve also seen a bar inside a convenience store. Like, a real bar. A full bar. In a convenience store. I wanted to take a picture but I didn’t want to be obvious. They’ve now achieved the trifecta. They sample alcohol in their grocery stores. I’m not a big drinker. I’m pretty sure if I hadn’t had breakfast before shopping I could have got drunk off of what all I sampled!
  3. Right before entering Ulta he looked at me and asked, “They have an entire store for nothing but makeup?” Oh, sweetie! I smiled and replied, “They have skin and hair products, too.” He was truly amazed. It was like he had entered a completely different world.

We ended the evening by having dinner at Olive Garden and returning home.

We had bought another 500 piece puzzle so once home we filled stockings for our kids and then got down to putting that bad boy together. We did much better this time. Our first puzzle was not completed and I couldn’t find it to bring it back with me so we could finish it. This one we finished by midnight. Plenty of Christmas music was heard in the background. The mobster’s favorite is “You Make It Feel Like Christmas”.

Our final day we went back to Sunny Street Cafe before we headed back to our respective homes.

That brings us to our most recent weekend together. We met at Longhorn Steakhouse instead of at the house where we normally meet. Once back home finally he locked himself in the bedroom. I patiently waited for him to do whatever it was he was doing. When he finally let me in he had hung heart lights over the lamp shades. There were candles glowing in the dark over on the dresser. He had sprinkled confetti hearts all over the dresser. In the middle of all of that was a copy of The Meg, which he knew I wanted to see. I love shark movies!

How did I ever get so lucky to find a man like this? He is always so loving and thoughtful. He does these incredibly romantic gestures and when I squeal and gush over what he has done he shrugs it off by saying it was nothing. Or, as he put it, “It’s easy to do when it’s close to Valentine’s Day and every store is selling heart theme merchandise.”

Our plan was to spend the weekend inside, doing nothing. Okay, we actually planned to cook at the suite, do a puzzle, watch Netflix, blog a little, maybe do a budget, and transfer my pictures off my phone onto my external hard drive. This was a perfect weekend for it. It snowed all night Friday night and all day Saturday. We didn’t leave the house except for a quick trip to Meijer in the morning. I was all set to make my famous spinach, mushroom, and bacon omelets with Swiss cheese, when I discovered I hadn’t packed any butter.

We headed to the store, grabbed some butter, decided on what to have for dinner that evening and then headed back home. He spent most of the day trying to get my pictures onto my hard drive. I started doing the puzzle. We watched four hours of Bill Burr on Netflix before switching over to Jim Gaffigan. We watched The Meg on my computer. He joined in doing the puzzle with me, although we still didn’t finish. I took it home and finished it the other night. I ended up making a copycat version of Outback’s Alice Springs chicken and shrimp in a creamy Parmesan sauce.

We didn’t get around to blogging or creating a budget but we had a great time. We capped off our weekend by making our first trip to Tim Horton’s. He wanted someplace fast so we could get on the road. It was surprisingly good. Despite making fun of their name every time he’s seen it before the mobster also really enjoyed it and he is Dunkin’ Donuts #1 fan so that’s saying a lot.

Although we enjoyed our lazy, do-nothing weekend, the mobster is ready for us to tackle a new adventure the next time we get together. He’ll get his wish. The next time we see each other Picasso and I will be heading down to Virginia. We have plans to go see Kane Brown in concert on Thursday and then Paula Poundstone on Friday. Saturday he’ll probably have us hiking the Appalachian Trail!

Stay tuned for more adventures!

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