The Joys Of a Good Hat

I am not much of a hat person. I’d like to be a hat person. I love trying them on. I’m possibly even cute in them. But I generally don’t like wearing them. I don’t like having them on my head . I’m always leaning my head back to see if they’ll fall off, or doing all sorts of weird things to make sure this hat is a good “fit” for me. I’m not even crazy about the hood on my coat. It’s either way too big so I have no peripheral vision, or I just don’t like it for whatever reason. Usually it’s a vision thing.

Normally I eschew hats even though I have heard it said that you lose something like 70% of your body heat through your head so a good hat is essential. Until the moment I found my perfect hat, that is.

I found it at a little boutique where my mom had a gift certificate. She couldn’t find anything she wanted so she offered it to me.

I looked around and came across all of these cute knitted hats. This particular one is bright pink with knit flowers and sparkles on it. It’s lined with fleece and has two big pom pom balls at the back of it to adjust it. It doesn’t slip and slide. I don’t lose any vision. It doesn’t push against the back of my seat when I’m driving in the car. It hits every weird criteria I have. I love it!


I used to think those people who say you lose all your body heat through your head were crazy until I started wearing my lovely hat. Now I feel as though they must be correct; since I’ve taken to wearing that hat I can testify that I feel so much warmer when I’m out in the freezing cold. The difference between wearing the hat and not wearing the hat is substantial. I could be outside freezing but when I put the hat on midway through my walk I am warm and toasty.

In fact, I love my hat so much I took the time to write a post about it.



P.S. The mobster took the time to Google this and now my whole article is bunk! It is all a myth, dammit! Apparently there is no benefit to covering your head and you’re much better off covering your leg or arm. Well that’s stupid because you’re already wearing a coat! He also tells me we only lose about 7-10% of the heat from our body through our head. But let me tell you I feel so much warmer wearing my hat. So fuck Google and all those stupid articles that say I’m wrong!

10 thoughts on “The Joys Of a Good Hat

  1. I confirm your findings 😃
    My parents are Cuban but I was born and raised in PR. I’m a damn wimp with cold. I’m an outdoor jogger and when it’s below 60 with clouds or winds I can only run with a hat. Found a nice cashmere set on Amazon that didn’t break the bank (Scotland Shoppe) and also socks. NOT COLD ANYMORE. If my ears and neck get cold I get a damn headache/neck ache from a car accident injury. Who cares what google says? 😂😂 your body is the wise one to ask these questions to.

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  2. I’m going to confirm YOUR numbers… that study he (and Live Science et al who used the 2006 study to “prove” not much is lost) refers to is a poor experiment, imo.

    I’m a swimmer. My mother was a coach. We’ve competed in both open water and in pools for years.

    That 2006 experiment tested how much heat left the body WHILE submerged in water, testing only full submersion and everything-but-the-head. Those test subjects, however, lost an ENORMOUS amount of body heat due to being in water. It would greatly decrease the difference of fully-submersed vs. head out.

    It would be akin to saying that having the upstairs windows in your house open doesn’t account for much heat loss… WHILE all the windows and downstairs downstairs are open. Because OF COURSE the upstairs windows aren’t going to lose much heat then… because most of the heat left downstairs.

    It’s one of the reasons jumping into cool water on a cool day feels WARM even though warmer water felt colder on a hot day.

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    1. I had to buy a few toques for the first time this year, Anne. We’re in upstate NY, where the “regular beer” is Labatt. And for YEARS, they included a beanie or a toque in every case. When they stopped, we were suddenly without a fresh supply. I didn’t realize how many hats our kids lost every winter until Labatt switched to bottle openers in the cases instead!! LOL

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