I live in one of the states that is being affected by the polar vortex. Temperatures yesterday got down to -47 degrees with the wind chill. Mail delivery has been suspended. School has been out since Tuesday. The mall is closed. Some of the banks are closed as well. The one I work for is not, but they did shorten the work hours to 11-4.

I had already put in for vacation for the 31st and 1st, but with the polar vortex coming and talk of a possible state of emergency I didn’t want to be stuck at home come Wednesday, so Picasso and I took off Tuesday after work and headed down to the mobster’s. We stopped just shy of the West Virginia border to spend the night and made the rest of the journey the following day.

Traveling with Picasso has been interesting. I made the observation when we stopped for the night that checkout wasn’t until noon, not that we would need that. The next morning we get ready, go downstairs to eat breakfast, and then once back to the room I asked him if he was ready to grab our bags and get out of there.

I thought we couldn’t leave until noon.

No, I said checkout was at noon. That means we have to leave by noon; however, we can leave any time we want. This is not the Hotel California.

What’s the Hotel California?

Oh dear sweet Jesus! To his credit (and my surprise!) he did know it was a song. I ended up in a philosophical discussion with my 16-year old about what the Hotel California actually represents. All because of a damn late checkout time!

He spent most of his time on his Switch so I was totally shocked when he broke into song once we crossed the river into West Virginia.

Country roads, take me home

To the place I belong

West Virginia, mountain momma

Take me home country roads

Number one, where in the hell did he learn the lyrics to this song? It’s old! It’s John Denver! Second, I was totally baffled by where he was going with this until I heard “West Virginia.” That kid has a keen mind, and an amazing music library.

We had some good conversations. We talked about his dad a little bit. At one point he said, “How sad is it that I don’t even remember if he was around for Thanksgiving or Christmas?”

The mobster requested we stop and take a picture at Lover’s Leap. It’s a scenic overlook about 45 minutes from his house. I rolled my eyes but I did it. Hey, it’s cold up there on that mountain!


He is a funny guy. I had Picasso text him and ask him how to get in the house if we should arrive before him or T. He texts back: Break the window on the left. He always makes me smile.


We went out to dinner shortly after he got home from work with two of his kids and his son’s girlfriend. We had seafood, of all things. I got the shrimp but wish I had followed my son’s lead and chosen the broiled catfish. It was really good. The shrimp was listed as jumbo shrimp but they were not jumbo. They also didn’t have much flavor. Oh well. I stuck with my low-carb eating plan. Yesterday, anyway.

One of T’s friends came over after the basketball game when she heard I was in town. She said she wanted to come over and say hi. We figured out that we hadn’t seen each other since May last year. That made me feel good. The fact that she made a point to come see me, not that we hadn’t seen each other since May.

I fell completely off the wagon today. I had toast for breakfast, plus flavored creamer in my coffee. On top of all of that the mobster and I met for lunch at Hardee’s. I had my favorite- the mushroom and swiss.

Tonight the mobster, his daughter and I are going to see Kane Brown in concert. That should be a good time. I’m looking forward to it.

Tomorrow morning I’m heading to Whoreville to pick up my divorce file. That should be an awesome read! It will probably supply plenty of material for future blog posts.

There is a possibility I will get to see one of my favorite cousins. I’m not holding my breathe but she is working in a nearby city so if nothing else I can always stop by the pharmacy and say hello.

After that Picasso and I are going to head to our favorite restaurant in town. I’ve talked about it before. It’s an all you can eat Japanese steakhouse style restaurant. They don’t actually cook in front of you but they do cook to order. I may splurge and go ahead and order my favorite sushi roll which isn’t on the lunch buffet but I know of no other place that makes it.

We’ll head back to the mobster’s by 1 because the three of us are going to see Paula Poundstone in Roanoke later tomorrow evening. I haven’t seen her in ages. Ironically, the only time I ever saw her in concert was when CF and I were still married; even more shocking is the fact that we went together! He wasn’t always a dud that hid in the bedroom. Remember, according to him everything didn’t start falling apart until we had kids.

Saturday is up in the air. We might go see a hockey game. We might stay at home and watch movies and eat pizza. We’ll see.

All I know is I’m not suffering through minus 40 degree temperatures! Plus, I’m with the mobster. That’s always a good feeling.

Stay warm, everybody!

4 thoughts on “Brrrr!!!

  1. Sam – if you are travelling I81 through VA on your way home you should contact me. I’d love to meet you like in the real world!! Hope you, the various kiddos, and the mobster have a perfectly splendid weekend!


  2. I have kids born between 1998 and 2005. That song is on all their playlists! I’m not sure how it got to their generation (movie? Tv?) but they can all sing it – I grew up near there, but my kids are new englanders so….


  3. I live in Michigan and yup, everything shut down here too. Comfy sweats on and fire blazing – looking out the window – the freezing cold sure was beautiful to look at, just not so beautiful if you had to be out in it.


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