I don’t know why this came to me out of nowhere recently. I had been putting together a playlist to work out to and I was going through all the songs in my iTunes library. I put the song, “Hair” on my list. As I was listening to it I suddenly remembered how offended CF was by the movie and album, and the fact that I would like either.

A year or so before I met him I had gone to visit my best friend. We decided to rent some movies (you know, back in the days way before Netflix and Redbox). We came across “Hair” and I mentioned I had never seen it. She was amazed and said I simply HAD to see it. So we rented it. I saw it once and I really enjoyed the music (which makes sense because it was a freakin’ Broadway musical before it was made into a movie!).

Years later CF buys me an iPod for our anniversary. I know we were living in Utah at the time but that could have been anywhere from 2006 until 2014. Except I know it wasn’t 2006 and I know it wasn’t 2014. To be fair, that’s not the most important part of the story.

I remember being so excited about finally getting an iPod and being able to download music. I had no idea what to download though. The choices were overwhelming. Plus, I had young children so I’m pretty sure most of the song choices were relegated to The Wiggles and Barney. Anyway, I finally decided I’d like to download the soundtrack from “Hair”.

He was not happy. I’m not sure if I’d go so far as to say he was pissed, but he was definitely not happy. He was all, “That movie stands against everything I fought for!” I do know he had a fit when I tried to play the song when he was around. Like, he was seriously offended. By a damn song! About fucking hair!

I guess one could argue that the long hair was a representation of people who protested the actions of the government and therefore stood against the mainstream establishment. To me, however, it was simply a song about a guy with really long hair and how he and everyone else with long hair bucked society’s rules. To me it wasn’t about the government sucking or being wrong. It wasn’t even a message about how wrong the war was. It was celebrating hair.

I didn’t feel like starting a new Bitch List but this one definitely belongs on it. He got offended by a song he didn’t like that I dared to play. Poor, delicate baby saw his life’s work ridiculed and destroyed by a soundtrack that was 25-35 years old at the time I bought it. We were so far beyond that point in history it wasn’t even funny. I mean, I could understand if there was a movie out now protesting the Gulf Wars or Afghanistan and I was all, “Oh my God, this music is amazing! You have to see the movie! It’s my favorite movie of all time now!” No! It was about the damn Vietnam War. He was all of 6 when it ended it. He couldn’t even play the fife in that war. It was still an affront to him. How dare I enjoy that movie or play that music?

As you might have guessed I gave in. I scrolled past the song and I never listened to it in his presence again. Oh, to go back in time and find a backbone.

5 thoughts on “Hair

  1. I also served in the Army back in the last century sometime. I was exposed to the music in “Hair” as early as 6th grade, uhhhhh, that was in 1970.. (Played trombone in an arrangement of ‘The Age of Aquarius’. It was hella hard!) Sang some of the other stuff in high school chorus a few years later too.

    Also just saw a version of the musical our local theater put on back in October. As you’ll recall, the whole thing was about a bunch of high school students rebelling against the establishment – like anybody under 30 did in the 60’s. Their hair was sort of the one thing that bonded them together as a tribe. The sucky part is that the ONE GUY (with the gorgeous long blond hair in our version) caves and enters the military, only to get killed in Viet Nam. The message? Don’t trust the establishment.

    Either that or it’s a twist on the old Samson & Delilah story – lose your hair and get weak.

    Oh. Yeah I served in the Army. Totally not offended by the production. My wife may have been though. The guy that played Berger (the leader of the Tribe) was a former student of hers. She got to see WAAAAAAYYYYY more of him than she ever expected!

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  2. Oh – no. For the show we saw it was done by professional actors, but many of them were people with local ties that now perform on Broadway, etc. Our Berger was played by Joe Chisholm. I think most every woman in the theater would have gotten all twitter-pated to think they were getting an eyeful of Treat Williams!


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