My New Air Fryer

As I mentioned earlier the mobster bought me an air fryer at my request for Christmas. I tried it out for the first time and it was fantastic!

Picasso is a big fan of salmon. He’s probably one of the few kids out there musing, “Mom, we don’t eat enough fish.”

My first air fryer meal was salmon and asparagus. Delicious! The asparagus came out perfect. The outside was crispy and the inside was tender. It was a lovely combination.

The salmon also came out crispy and perfect. I used a fairly basic recipe- a little bit of oil and a liberal amount of lemon pepper. I think next time I’ll try something a little more citrus-y. It was still great. The fish had a crispy coating on the outside but the flesh was quite tender.

I would give it a solid A-, and the minus was totally my fault for not coming up with a better recipe.

I’m going to try steaks later this week and hamburgers as well. Next week I may give bratwurst a try.

I have a confession to make. After I asked for the air fryer I began having second thoughts. I didn’t know where I would store it and I wasn’t sure how often I would use it. I was so wrong! This thing is awesome. I am a definite convert. I highly recommend trying one.

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