Progress, Maybe?

It’s been 3 weeks since CF let me know he had lost his job. I don’t feel that accurately describes what happened. I think if I had not inquired about where the hell my money was I would still be in the dark, waiting for payment.

About a week ago I sent him an email. Basically I told him that if he had been laid off then he should have received a severance package. He is eligible for unemployment. He can take money out of his 401k to fulfill his obligation. Ultimately, my message was he needed to send me something, even if he couldn’t send me what he owed.

I followed that up with the fact it was his kids that were going to be hurt by his non-compliance and reminded him that none of this was going away. He should do himself a favor and get out in front of it because it was only going to grow bigger.

Surprise, surprise! About a week later with no response from him I get a text alert on my phone. I thought it was the mobster telling me good morning but it turned out to be CF sending me his self modified monthly child support. I’m so poor at this point that $900 means the difference between eating and not eating this month so I’m grateful for it.

In other exciting news I found out that due to the change in exemptions I made shortly after CF lost his job I will be taking home about $80 more this paycheck. Granted, it does include 30 minutes of overtime but I’ll take it.

I also talked to my mom’s financial advisor. That was a huge stress reliever. He has given me several options of things I can do while I’m waiting for the ex to get his act together.

I shall live to fight another day, it seems.

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