Father’s Day 2019

How was Father’s Day for all of you out there? Mine was lovely. Honestly, my whole weekend was lovely. Normally I am a total couch potato all weekend long. Like, stay in my pajamas all weekend long. However, this weekend I was quite busy.

Saturday I was all set to accompany my mother to the art fair. It was better than the other option, which was yard work. Thanks to the rain gods and the ominous dark clouds (don’t tell my mom I did a quick rain dance) the yard work was a no go. Alas, on our way to the outdoor art fair it began to rain. We headed downtown instead and went into the shop where I bought my adorable pink hat years ago.


The owner is retiring at the end of this month so everything in the store was 50% off. I found some really cute things. Afterwards we went to a New Orleans themed restaurant where I enjoyed a soup flight and an order of beignets and my mom had a Cobb salad. I did share the beignets.

I had already agreed to dinner with Sweet J a day or two prior so I went home and chilled until she came over. We ended up going to Logan’s for dinner. I thought we were just going to go to dinner and catch up, but she wanted to go out to the mall and to Kohl’s to get her dad a gift. After we did all of that she wanted to know if I’d like to go to a movie. We saw “Men In Black International”. It was great. Very funny. And I didn’t get home until 1 in the morning! I’m rarely out that late!

Sunday Picasso and I went down to see my dad. I had planned on calling the mobster on my way down there but I ended up having a two hour conversation with my son instead. It was wonderful! He’s an incredibly funny, intelligent, sensitive kid. He’s also very quiet and keeps to himself. OK, quiet is probably not correct. I constantly hear him yelling while he’s playing the Xbox with his friends. What I should say is he’s a hermit, immersed in his online gaming. So, it was quite nice to be able to spend those two hours in the car interacting with him.

My dad, on the other hand, is a completely different story. He’s suffering from some sort of dementia so he didn’t really know me but he’s not in pain. He’s still walking around. He still enjoys his dog. He’s just not fully there anymore. My stepmother keeps a pretty close eye on him. We’ve never been close and this is the first time I’ve been down in years but I thought it was important that I go.

The boy and I did have a good time. My dad’s dog is a giant Great Dane. The dog comes up past my hips. He’s huge! Plus, they just found a kitten that my stepmom thinks someone just dumped. She’s about six months old and so sweet. The dog really likes her, too, and she gets along with him. I really miss having a cat but I don’t miss having a litter box.

When I got home I happened to go upstairs. Sitting on my computer was a note and an article of clothing. It was folded up so I didn’t know what it was.


I have the sweetest daughter.

There are so many days I let the bad things overwhelm me. There are an equal number of days where I think to myself, “I am not where I want to be almost four years later.” It’s easy to get depressed and to get down on myself. Days like this though, when I get these sweet notes and acts of appreciation from my kids, it’s hard to feel bad. I may not be able to support myself, or my kids, but they love me. I keep telling myself that’s the real measure of how well I’m doing.

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