I’m Still Around

No news on the CF front. I’m still mulling over options before I email him. I can only imagine his happiness upon finding out I’ve computed his new child support amount finally.

I really feel like he must have found a new job. These last two months he’s been a mere $700 shy on spousal support. I can’t see him handing over that amount of money if he was truly out of work. Quite honestly I was shocked he sent anything for spousal support.

My fear though is that he figures he did such a great job of self modifying child support that he’s just going to go ahead and self modify spousal support as well. So I know a confrontation is inevitable.

We are still muddling along. My daughter bought a new car last week. Well, my mother loaned her the money. She’s supposed to be paying her back. She’s finally got a job at the hospital which she had been trying for since she got home. She starts in July and she can continue to work while she’s going to school. Of course, she’ll have to come back to work a Friday or Saturday because she can’t actually work while she’s down at school. But… with this new car she’ll be able to drive herself to and from school.

I’m happy and sad about that. Happy because I don’t have to wonder how I’m going to get her to and from school. But sad because that’s more time I won’t be spending with her.

I have been crazy busy these last few weekends and weekday writing doesn’t seem to happen often. Before I took my vacation right before Memorial Day I was busy with my new project- the mobster’s 2 year anniversary gift. Several times the mobster has remarked that I should write all of our adventures down in one place so we could go back and read them. Turns out, I did just that. I am poor and didn’t have a lot of money to put into a gift so I wrote a book for him. By the time I took it to Kinko’s to get it spiral bound it had 157 pages. It wasn’t all writing. I included lots of pictures as well.

I never did proofread the damn thing. I ran out of time. Believe me I started this about a month in advance! I remembered how long it took with the Box ‘O Love and I didn’t want to repeat that. A month, maybe month and a half, in advance I wrote down all the dates and where we went; I wrote down all that we did; I made page breaks so that if I went back and added to one story it wouldn’t affect what happened to the subsequent stories. I even went ahead and wrote the prologue and the epilogue, which were basically love letters to him.

I gave myself a goal of writing one story at a time because I felt that would give me plenty of time to focus on each adventure. I wouldn’t feel rushed and I could really give each one a special touch.

I used Google to look up places we had been. I know we ate at a restaurant in X town but I don’t remember the name. I know! I’ll Google breakfast diners in X town. That’s what I did.

I checked our Facebook page where we log all of our get togethers. He was pretty good about listing everything we had done- so long as it was actually logged on that page. Some of our adventures weren’t.

I also checked our regular Facebook pages to see if there were any clues that might prove useful in telling me what we did each weekend.

I checked for proper spelling of names and places. Google. Facebook. Whatever it took.

Another cool feature I discovered was Google Map’s timeline. That thing is amazing! And a bit scary. There were times, a year or a year and a half later that I truly couldn’t remember everything that we had done. Let me tell ya- you click on your timeline and go to that date and it will tell you everywhere you’ve been! It was wonderful! It helped me fill in a lot of blanks. There were a few times I had to write: I really don’t remember what all we did this weekend. Or: This weekend was a blur. Once I learned that timeline trick- it was mostly a piece of cake!

The writing was done over a week before I left, I believe. It was getting all the pictures that killed me.

Let me tell you about the pictures. I have an Android phone and a MacBook Pro. The two do not mesh well. All of the pictures I had on my phone had to be downloaded onto an external hard drive. This has happened twice. Any current pictures on my phone had to be sent to myself via email. I ended up copying a lot of pictures from Facebook. Thank God for our adventure page and our regular Facebook page! At one point I just flat out asked him to post pictures from this event and this event and that event and this event. I gave him a list of about five different get togethers where I didn’t have many good pictures.

Most of the pictures I was able to download into my iPhoto Library. Others I had to download onto the computer and then rename so that I would know what I was inserting into the document. It took FOREVER! Hence, the lack of proofreading.

So, as he read it I told him to let me know if he saw typos or thought of something I missed. I’m also still trying to add pictures. My intention is to get it hard bound for him. I realized after buying 2 black ink cartridges and 2 color ink cartridges that it really won’t be much more expensive to send it off as a file and do it that way. Merry Christmas!

The interesting thing is we’ve had 35 adventures together in the two years we’ve been together. It was a lot of fun recounting those times, although I will admit sometimes I adapted one of my blog posts instead of rewriting everything over again.

My son has added a whole whopping five minutes onto his driving experience. We went down to see my dad on Father’s Day. He lives out in the country and his late in-laws lived just down the road. My stepmom kept encouraging Picasso to at least drive out of the driveway and over to her parent’s home and then back again. With great reluctance he did. Only another 39 hours and 45 minutes until that license is his! After he takes Driver’s Ed, of course.

I’ve been doing a bit of this and a bit of that on the weekends. The weekend before I left I offered to go to garage sales with my mom and Sweet J wanted me to go to the DAV to go dancing with her that night. The following day I attended a graduation party. That was my weekend that was supposed to get me all caught up with the mobster’s book.

The next weekend was T’s graduation and party and the following week and weekend after that was spent with the mobster.

Next Sunday my mom and I went up to one of the touristy towns in Michigan and walked along the pier, ate lunch at one of my favorite places, bought some special dog treats for the dogs, and then I went and had a wine tasting at one of the wine bars.

I went on a wine walk with my niece and mom in mid-June. That weekend was Father’s Day which I have already written about. The mobster was willing to get together that weekend but I convinced him he should probably really spend it with his kids even though they are all adults now.

I think he realizes it was a wise choice as they all did some really sweet things for him. I know they took him out to lunch and then C and CeeCee had him over to their house for a cook-out for both of their dads.

Last weekend I wanted to get together but there was a big sale going on at Kroger’s and he had to be around for that. Instead, I went grocery shopping on Saturday. It felt like an all day experience! Later that night I went out dancing at the American Legion with Sweet J and some other friends. I know it might sound weird but one of our old friends from high school teaches in a town east of us. She works with two different ladies, both of whom are either married to or dating a man who plays in a band. Every time we go out dancing we are going to listen to one of these guys in their band. Then on Sunday my mom, Sweet J and I all went for a walk.

Which brings us up to this weekend. This time he was hoping we could get together. Alas, it was not meant to be. My niece is getting married in September and this Saturday was her couples shower. My mom, Rock Star and I headed down to Indianapolis and met my cousin, his wife, and their two adorable little girls (3 and not quite 1) for lunch. After that we went to the shower which was very nice. Ironically, the bride’s mother was in charge of it and she rented out an Air BnB in which to throw the shindig. I didn’t even realize they did that sort of thing.

Today I went shopping and I made dinner. Quite the exciting life.

Next weekend I finally get to see the mobster. First time in over a month! That’s why we’ve only had 35 adventures together in 2 years! We get lucky for a short period of time where we meet up every two or three weeks for a month or two and then it’s once a month for the next two or three months. Of course he always tells me to concentrate on the positive. He likes to look at it as we’ve had many great times together and we’ve done so much. That is true. We have done a lot.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. A whole lot of nothing!

One thought on “I’m Still Around

  1. You really deserve this happiness you have in your life now. You seem to have a great life with your family and friends.


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