Now That My Blood Pressure Has Stabilized…

Nothing like finding out your ex is lying and conning you out of rightful support to get the blood pumping. I’m already dealing with high blood pressure. This was not needed. Suffice to say he has used up all of my good will. There will be no mercy. Only justice.

I fired off an email to my lawyer either shortly before or shortly after I posted my last entry. Then I shot off an email to the caseworker to ask her some questions as well.

I discovered he moved full time to Mississippi. Now, that could be inaccurate. Where he is now is less than 30 minutes from where we lived back in 1998 through 2000. He lives very close to the town our daughter was born in. We lived right across the border from Memphis, so there is a possibility he is living in Tennessee and working in Mississippi. Although, from what I remember from my time living there Tennessee does not have a state tax so come tax time it’s a real nightmare for those living in one state while working in another. Real estate is also less expensive on the Mississippi side.

I also discovered Harley and two of the mulligans went with him. They moved at the end of June. She told her ex that his plant had closed down so they had to move. She’s a liar, too. I made sure to let her ex know that his LinkedIn bio has him working at this company since March, and that his previous company is still very much open.

I have to admit the fact that she was finally forced to pull up roots and move delights me. I hope she hates it there. The fact that her kids are finally feeling the consequences of what those two fuckwits are doing, instead of benefitting from their behavior all the time, also delights me.

At the same time I am very sorry she was able to do this to The Saint. I told him as much. Despite whatever money problems I may have those pale in comparison to having my children live with Harley the Whore. My kids are nowhere near her and I couldn’t be happier about that. That poor guy is living a nightmare with his kids living with my former fuckwit and now being whisked six or so hours away.

Him having a job and moving down to Mississippi could all be very beneficial to me and my case. It’s very hard for him to plead poverty when he’s been working with very little interruption. I am eager to hear his explanation for why he modified spousal support all those months despite the fact he was working.

Another positive for me? I would not be surprised in the least to find out he got a nice hefty check for moving expenses. They always give you way more than you really need to make that move. So when he tries to tell the judge he had no way to pay those legal fees he was ordered to pay he’s going to be swinging in the breeze. Liar!

Also good for me? I am fairly certain he’s making more money now. We will soon find out. That’s good news because if he’s making more than the $170,000 he was imputed at we’ll be using that new salary. If he’s not making more than the $170,000 he was imputed at it will still be to my advantage because if a judge in Mississippi wants to use his actual numbers instead of imputed numbers it’s going to be higher for me.

Speaking of judges in Mississippi, did you know that Mississippi is supposedly one of the most biased states when it comes to divorce and mothers? Did you know that Mississippi takes into consideration adultery and other bad behavior when it comes to awarding spousal support and custody of the children? Furthermore, did you know that Mississippi is one of only a few states that orders child support until the child is 21?

That would be why I have a call into my caseworker. I have no problem with handing the case to a judge in Mississippi. I’m eager to do so.

In the meantime, I am planning on taking him back to court for contempt- both on the legal fees issues, and the non-payment of full child support. I’ll be asking for my legal fees again. I am also fully steering the wheel this time. I’ve already told my lawyer I want his bank records subpoenaed from 2014 on. If he actually siphoned off money then he can have a grand ol’ time explaining to the judge why he’s always crying poverty and why he hasn’t paid me my legal fees.

Another interesting tidbit? When CF sent Picasso’s birthday card he was such a lying, devious bastard he actually used his Kentucky address as the return address. I’m keeping that envelope for court. I’m almost certain if either one of us moves we are supposed to inform the court. Not only did he not do that he outright tried to make it appear he hadn’t moved when he did!

Furthermore, I got confirmation that those two definitely belong together. Turns out one of the sons is living with The Saint. I knew that. What I didn’t know is that Harley told The Saint that she got her wish- getting rid of that particular son and The Saint. Isn’t she amazing? As grand a mother as CF is a father.

I told him that CF is never happy and he will never be happy. He’s a miserable person. The Saint responded that Harley was the exact same way. Never happy. That ought to be a fun relationship.

I’m always the crazy one!

No! I’m always the crazy one!

I’m not happy. You’re not dancing pretty enough for me.

You’re not happy? I’m the one who’s not happy.

Plus, her daughter is still going to school in Kentucky. I’m assuming she’s going to use her dad’s address now but that should be tricky at tax time. I’m also not sure if she’s down in Mississippi with them right now or if she’s stayed put.

Right now, in a bit of irony, my lawyer is promptly responding (must be the magic words: let’s go to court) while I have yet to hear from the caseworker. I am very interested in finding out if we hand this over to Mississippi if they will institute child support once again for Rock Star, even if CF manages to modify it in Virginia. From what she was saying about Kentucky I would think they could.

I’m crossing my fingers that slow and steady will win the race. Despite my initial shock I really do think that all of this is going to work out to my advantage when it comes time to go to court.

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