To Make You Feel My Love

My tire keeps needing air. My mechanic noticed it and supposedly fixed it but ever since that day I’ve had to fill up the tire usually every other day. This week it suddenly needed air every day.

I had a trip planned with the mobster this weekend. Being a safety conscious kind of gal I took my car in to replace the tire Thursday after work. Only to find out the tire was fine. My rim was cracked. That will be $350, please. Oh, and we have to order it so it won’t be in for a few days.

I was told it should be fine to drive it. It wouldn’t fall apart on me, he assured me. Nonetheless I had to fill the tire up again in less than 12 hours so I made a judgment call and opted to rent a car for this weekend.

I work over by the airport so I decided to rent from one of the car rental places at the airport. I planned on picking it up on my lunch hour so I could leave immediately at 4:30. It was an early day for me!

Plans did not go as scheduled. I couldn’t find a lot to park in. As I made my way around the second time I wondered if maybe there was no parking and they just expected me to park in long term parking. Great! Pay to rent a car, then pay to park your own car.

I pulled over at the Veteran’s Park and tried to call. Couldn’t get through. At this point I have 15 minutes left. I ended up going back to work and attempting to call from there. It took another two tries but I finally got through. They told me that, yes, I could still pick up the car at 4:30, and no, they did not have any rental car parking.

That was easy enough to solve. My co-worker just dropped me off.

I got to the counter, told them I had a reservation. He responds, “For 12:30?” I told him, yes, that was the original reservation, but I couldn’t find a place to park. I went on to tell him I called and verified that I could still pick up the car and was told it would be no problem. Nevertheless, the car was not ready so I would need to wait until they could get one ready for me.

Almost AN HOUR later I was finally on my way. I was so frustrated and upset. Instead of getting to my destination around 9:30, 10:00, when we would still have a decent amount of time to do something, I was now going to be arriving between 10:30 and 11.

I realize it’s only an hour, but for me the difference between 9:30 and 10:30 is huge. I was in a bad mood pretty much the entire time. Okay, I ate a Subway sandwich and that put me in a slightly better mood for a little bit.

The mobster kept trying to cheer me up but I was having none of it. I hate missing even an hour with him.

I finally made it to our Air BnB around 11:00. I walked in and was greeted by this.



When I first walked in I was a little confused. I thought maybe that was how they differentiated each apartment. I also thought it was a huge coincidence that our Air BnB had a Pokemon theme.  Then it clicked and I realized he had put this all together for me. All those frustrations melted away. I felt like a giant ass for being upset.

I haven’t even shown the pictures of the food! He had a plate of cookies, wrapped chocolates, chips, salsa, cheese dip, chocolate melts and strawberries so we could make chocolate dipped strawberries. He had mini diet Cokes for me, coffee drinks, and two alcoholic beverages- 1 for each of us.

We ended up having an amazing evening despite the fact it didn’t begin until 11pm. We walked the streets of Chillicothe until after 3 a.m.! We didn’t go to bed until 3:30!

What can I say? He was right. He’s almost always right. I wasted too much time being frustrated and pissed off because my plans didn’t go as expected. He always finds a way to turn my frown upside down. I am so incredibly lucky to have found him!

9 thoughts on “To Make You Feel My Love

  1. I’ve said it so many times but you two make me smile so big! Put together you are MAGIC. As you may remember I love astrology; not so much because of “what’s gonna happen next week” but because I love learning about each sign, it helps me deal better with the people around me, (especially in times of turbulence: what works for a Leo doesn’t work on a Virgo), but I digress. Several years ago reading about sign compatibility I came across a page for Cancerian/Piscean relationship and at the bottom of the page there were comments. Holy Moly you couldn’t imagine how many people were rueing the end of a Cancer/Pisces relationship! I mean years later they had still not gotten over it and said they couldn’t recreate the magic they had with that person. I gotta tell you, it has heartbreaking!
    When I read yours (and his!) stories how he can change your day and make it better I always remember that page of comments. Yes yes yaaas I always say this too, but oh how I am rooting for you both! Enjoy every second, SweetSam and Mobster!LalalalalalaXO

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      1. Of course!!! My recommendations: It’s great to google the two signs you’re interested in and see several ones for “mini in-depth” but I really like astromatcha, astrologyanswers, horoscopes.lovetoknow and astrostyle. Very detailed because they also describe the “Leo woman” and “Virgo man” for example and how those personalities put together have strengths and weaknesses that are good to know when coupled. Enjoy! 😃 It will be a fun, interesting and eye opening session, oh yeah!XO


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