I’ll Review

One final entry for September.

I was going through mail yesterday. I opened a bill, which I thought was for Rock Star, but instead turned out to be for Picasso. $1282 for a doctor’s visit that included 2 or 3 shots. Let that sink in for a minute. Almost $1300 for one visit.

Folks, I make less than $15/hour. I pay over $400 a month for insurance. After I’ve paid all of my bills I have about $300 left over from my paycheck. This bill will take me take me a year to pay off. Or, it would if I had to pay the entire thing myself.

After I briefly spiraled into hysterics I suddenly realized that this bill was for Picasso. He is the child that is still covered by the court order. Because Jerry Lee hasn’t gotten around to modifying the support order he is still on the hook for 71% of that bill. Now, whether or not he’ll actually pay it is another topic altogether.

I put on my big girl panties, took a picture of the bill, and sent him a text. Basically, I told him I had received the bill, he could pay the doctor’s office directly instead of me if he preferred, and that I didn’t expect him to pay it all at once. I told him I would like to get it paid within 3-4 months.

His first response? I’ll review.

Review what, motherfucker? You owe 71% of your son’s medical bills. Are you thinking that the entire bill is not for him? That maybe I snuck in a charge or two for myself or Rock Star? That maybe I don’t know how to compute 71%?

Well, as it turns out I stupidly got my figures transposed so instead of $910.22 I told him it was $922.10. So maybe he was correct in reviewing me. Nonetheless, I realized my mistake while I was ranting to the mobster and I quickly gave him the correct amount.

His next text? That is what my math calculated as well.

Really? You got a new method of computing 71% that somehow doesn’t add up to what I just told you? Is your 71% different from my 71%? I don’t think so.

I’ll just sit here rolling my eyes. As long as he actually pays I’m happy. Of course, Jerry Lee and I will be going back to court anyway to settle up on the court fees so if I need to tack this on I will.

12 thoughts on “I’ll Review

    1. We can’t. Even if you have insurance, there’s a self-pay up to the deductible, unless it’s a well-exam. (That is, it’s a checkup but you’re not sick… and I try to make sure no one is sick at a well exam or they might slap on extra fees, order tests, etc. I have definitely simply NOT gone to have tests they’ve ordered done because it’s nothing that will last.) Maybe you’ll even find a nice doctor and, when all three of your kids are sick and you know the parents are next, he’ll write prescriptions for all of you but only bill for the one person with an appt. (even though all of you went to the appt…. let’s blame “we were all out together on errands.”)

      We have “good” insurance, compared to many, that costs $120/week… but the deductible is $5K per person or $10K/family out-of-pocket max. The problem (?) is that we’re all fairly healthy so it’s basically the same as NOT having insurance… because, except for “well exams,” we have to pay up to $10K before the insurance company starts paying for anything really. Until this year, it was federal law that everyone HAD to buy insurance. So, we had the privilege of paying $6240/yr in order to not break the law but STILL have to self-pay up to $10K. Most people, like us I think, can afford insurance OR the deductible… not both.

      The result? Paying for insurance but not being able to afford to use it unless you are NOT sick. Healthcare providers are far better about negotiating payment for those who are UNinsured… it’s a double whammy. In our state of NY, I guess we’re luckier than most… if you’re very poor, the state will cover it. If you’re not, and are just a regular person, nothing is covered. You get to pay for your own insurance and up to $10K+/yr. if you use it. And while insurers can no longer DENY you health insurance for having a “pre-existing condition,” they sure as hell can make you wait a year+ before doing it! That oughtta be enough time to get good and tragically ill, lose your job, and thusly, your insurance.

      It’s messed up.


      1. Jeez oh man. I have very good insurance through my former employer. Cost (in $) approximately 170/month with $300 annual deductible. I’m surprised there hasn’t been a revolution in the US!


      2. In 2004, I had good insurance for the time. $11 every other week and they paid 90%, with a $2K/yr deductible. My employer offered a match of up to $1000 for copays. I contributed $500 (less than $10/week), and they put in the whole $1000.

        Costs then were also reasonable. I came nowhere near using all of it, for the entire pregnancy and birth of our daughter, which ended up being an emergency c-section.

        It went nuts in the years following… costs were inflated, insurance went from pushing the budget to impossible and they cover less than ever before. Then, it became law that we HAD to buy this terrible insurance. And it kind of makes it worse that people almost seem to be trying to get as much use out of it as they can, because of the cost. To justify it.


      3. Absolutely! I have no idea what our insurance cost back when I was still married. But I do know we had a $20 co-pay for all doctor visits. It was $50 to go to the urgent care or ER, and when we lived in Utah the ER would give you a 25% discount if you paid your co-pay that day so it was actually *cheaper* to go to the ER than to urgent care. I do remember making payments while I was pregnant to cover our share of the cost but I think we paid maybe $1000 for each birth, if that. It’s been a while. 🙂

        Now I pay almost $400 every month (I get paid every other week so 2 months out of the year I’m actually paying almost $600) for myself and my 2 kids. The deductible is something like $3700/person or $7500/family. And like you, we’re basically a healthy bunch. Rock Star still seems to be responsible for the majority of visits but even she doesn’t cost me $3700/year.

        I have some skin tags I would love to have removed but I’m not paying thousands of dollars to get them taken care of.

        Costs are crazy anymore.

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  1. I’m with Ainsobriety on this one. How the hell can they justify $1,300 for one doctor’s visit and how the hell can anyone afford to pay it. In France that would be about €50-60 – more in Switzerland but what the hell!!!!!


  2. Honestly, I’d call in and explain that you’re a single mom, living with your mother, with a daughter in college… and is there any way your portion of the fee can be negotiated down? That CF (though maybe don’t call him that LOL!) is $XX,XXX behind in alimony and child support as a grudge (just pays what he wants to irk you) but WILL pay the $910.22… but you’ll need some time to come up with yours. These things are very often negotiable or they come out of a fund. ❤

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  3. Call the insurance company/office and set up a payment plan just in case CF screws you over. In many states they can’t charge you interest as long as you pay ANY amount toward the bill. But double-check!

    As for the bill itself – that is ridiculous.


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