No Shave November

It’s November! It’s been November since Friday. I’m a little behind. But you know what November means, right? Not just Thanksgiving, but No Shave November!

I don’t know if I’m going to participate or not. I am supposed to see the mobster later on this month. He says I don’t have shave every time I see him but he may change his mind if I can braid my armpit hair and my legs are hairier than his.

If I do this I’m not going to stop with the pits and the legs. I’m not going to shave my beard either. Oh yes, that lovely menopause brings with it a full face of hair. Lovely! At one point I thought I might challenge Picasso to see who could grow the fuller beard but he’s 17 now and his facial hair is finally coming in. He’s not real bushy or anything but I think he could take me in this contest. We’ll see.

I had another Sunday dinner today. I might have said before I’m going to try to hold one a month for right now. Today’s was a lot simpler. I made two soups- Crack Chicken and Rice Soup and Italian Tortellini and my version of an Olive Garden salad. There was also bread and a chocolate pie for dessert. I almost only made one soup because I was thinking to myself, “You’re going to make way too much!” I’m glad I made two though because I think we have 4 generous servings of soup leftover. I plan on taking the Crack Chicken & Rice soup with me tomorrow for lunch since I had the Italian Tortellini this afternoon.

I also went out and donated plasma today. My plan since August has been to donate twice a week through December. My streak was stopped, although I did get paid the extra $10 today. Maybe I should say my streak will be stopped this month.

I’m going to a concert with my friend sweet J on Tuesday and I have our annual department employee appreciation dinner on Thursday so I will not get my 8 donations in this month. I might get six, possibly seven. I’m okay with that.

Oh, do you know what else November brings? Hallmark Christmas movies! I’m catching up on all the old ones I missed the first time around. I think this month they’re debuting new movies only on Fridays and Saturdays. But I’m ready for them!

That’s all for today.

2 thoughts on “No Shave November

  1. I hadn’t heard of no shave November but nah, I’ll still be shaving. I live alone so do it for me because I hate to see hairy legs and pits. I’m not particularly hairy anyway so it takes less than 30 seconds in the shower anyway, but plaiting my armpit hair – no thanks!

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    1. I think traditionally it’s been the men only. They don’t shave their faces. As soon as I buy some decent razors I’ll be shaving again as well. Plus, I have to be careful around my knee. It still hasn’t completely healed.


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