What a Week

I’m tired, folks. I’ve had quite the crazy week. I realize I’ve only been doing this “work” thing for three years now but this is the first week I’ve ever not worked all the hours I was scheduled.  Monday I left work abruptly to meet my daughter at the ER approximately 3 hours away. Tuesday I took off to get her back to the house. But let’s face it, even if it hadn’t been Thanksgiving break there was no way I was going to be able to drive back at 10:30 at night, get home around 1:30 and then go back to work, all the while wondering if she was going to be okay. Today I took an extended lunch to meet her at the doctor’s office.

The people from Med Express, the urgent care center she used, called to give her the test results. They were negative. No bladder infection. No kidney infection. This worried them because she was obviously very sick when she came in on Saturday. They thought it was a kidney or bladder infection because of her symptoms and that’s not it. So we’re back to square one.

The doctor she saw today mentioned the possibility of an ovarian cyst. That would account for the pain but I’ve never heard of an ovarian cyst to cause a fever, or nausea. He also briefly considered appendicitis but said he really didn’t think it was that.

He gave her a different prescription for antibiotics and if she’s not improving the next step is an ultrasound.

The bright side to this whole thing was supposed to be Chick-Fil-A for lunch for me. It’s right down the road from the doctor’s office. I was all set to enjoy a delicious chicken sandwich. Then I remembered the peppermint chip shakes. That made me really excited. Especially considering last year when we went in specifically to get the seasonal peppermint chip shakes they were freaking out of it! How do you manage to run out of your seasonal shake only weeks into its limited time run?

Spoiler alert: I did not get Chick-Fil-A. I didn’t get a sandwich and I certainly did not get a delicious peppermint chip shake.

Why? Because everybody in this damn town has lost their freaking mind when it comes to Chick-Fil-A! The lines are insane! My mom always suggests I go inside but the line inside was even worse. I couldn’t even tell where the line began because there were so many damn people.

I was there a little after one. Not exactly a lunch hour rush. Certainly not worthy of the crush of people that were there. It doesn’t really matter when you go, though.

I took Picasso once at some random time in the afternoon and we still had quite the line. I remember muttering under my breath, “WTF? Are they giving away free sandwiches or something?”

No, it’s always packed. Always. It doesn’t matter if you go at noon or you go at 3. You can go at 6 or 7 or 8. You will still wait. There will still be a line a mile long.

I don’t understand this. Yes, it is a delicious chicken sandwich. Probably my favorite. But this is not a new restaurant. We’ve had a Chick-Fil-A in this town for more than 35 years! I have high school classmates that worked there for crying out loud when we were in high school. I graduated in 1987. That’s a long time ago!

By the lines we get you would think this was a brand new restaurant, at least to this area. But, no, it’s not. And the lines never die down.

When I lived in Utah we finally got an In-N-Out Burger. The day it opened the lines wrapped around the parking lot and the line for dine-in spilled out the door. They had people out there coming to your car and taking your order. We were in line for over 30 minutes. It might have been longer. I get that. It was new, or at least new to the area. Within a month or two, maybe a little longer, the lines were no longer insurmountable. You could generally pull right up or go right in.

That does not happen at Chick-Fil-A. It’s constantly busy. I haven’t had a Chick-Fil-A sandwich in months. I haven’t had a peppermint chip shake in two years, at least! I’m getting cranky.

You know what else makes me cranky? My damn doctor’s office. I have been trying to get my blood pressure medication refilled for going on a week now. That’s not a medication you want to quit cold turkey. It’s not even a medication you want to randomly skip here and there. Yet when it comes time to refill my prescription they can’t seem to get their act together and get it called in.

I took my last pill Wednesday night. Thursday I went in to get my blood pressure checked and to get the prescription refilled. When I got there around 4:30 they looked at me as though I had two heads.

Who told you you could just stop in and get your blood pressure taken? Why do you need it checked?

My nurse practitioner told me I could just stop in and I need it checked to make sure the medication is working and she doesn’t need to up the dosage!

Jesus Christ on crutches. Do they really think I just pulled this out of my ass?

Turns out they have a new system and because of the new system they do things a little differently now. You need to make a “nurse appointment” to get your blood pressure checked. Those only occur between 8:30 and 3:45. Meaning I need to take another hour to two hours off of work to get my damn blood pressure taken.

The lady at the front desk takes down my request to refill the prescription and tells me she’ll get it back there to someone and get it called in. This is Wednesday afternoon, sometime between 4:30 and 5:00.

I get no call from the pharmacy that evening, not that I was entirely surprised. Friday comes and goes with no call either. Well, this is great. I’m now going to go the entire weekend without my medication. Wonderful. Let’s hope I don’t stroke out.

I call on Monday. The person who answers the phone tells me she understands and she’s so sorry it didn’t get called in. She’ll make sure the request gets back there and someone calls it in to the pharmacy.

Before I go any further, let me set the stage. My current doctor’s office is part of a very large medical group. When you’re walking up to the building to the right of you is a bariatric weight loss center. To the left is an urgent care center. And just past that is yet another building for, I believe, radiology. The office itself has a nifty little phone system setup where you push 1 for appointments and 2 for radiology and 3 for prescription refills and 4 for billing and so forth and so forth. I really have no idea if the person who gets the phone call about the prescriptions works in the same building as my nurse practitioner or not. Now that you know that I can continue with my story.

I’m sure you already know the ending. No prescription. Plus, I was a little busy, rushing down to meet my daughter and her friends at the ER several hours away.

I check again on Tuesday. The pharmacy has no record of anything being called in for me.

I call the doctor’s office again. Press 4 for prescription refill. I tell the lady who answers the phone I came in on Thursday and I called yesterday and I still have no prescription. She tells me it is being processed right now.

Very well. I shall wait for the phone call from the pharmacy, alerting me when it’s ready.

Alas, that phone call never comes.

I call today. I let “Caroline” know I have been trying to get this prescription filled since Thursday. I have been out of my medication for almost a week now. If it doesn’t get called in today I’m not going to be able to get it until Friday at the earliest. Caroline actually seems a little concerned. She can’t figure out why on earth it’s in the system but hasn’t been processed. You and me both, Caroline.

She tells me she is going to flag this as a high priority and run it back “there” so that it can get called in.

Now, I don’t know if Caroline is a liar, or if the pharmacy is just taking it’s sweet time to call and let me know my prescription is ready, or if the rest of the idiots at the office are simply incompetent, but I do know this- I still don’t have my damn blood pressure medication.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I have a meatloaf to make. Seriously, my niece loved my meatloaf so much from that Sunday dinner that she requested I make one for Thanksgiving. So, I’ll be making that, along with the stuffing, corn casserole, and dumplings.

I hope that all of you who are celebrating the holiday have a great one. And for those of you who aren’t celebrating Thanksgiving, have a wonderful day anyway.

2 thoughts on “What a Week

  1. I suggest you have the doctors do an ultrasound for gallstones. It isn’t common in younger people , but it does happen. I had gallstones and had my gallbladder out at 23. My symptoms were just like hers. I was also sent home from the ER three times in a couple of weeks before anyone thought to check this.


  2. Happy Thanksgiving, SweetSam! Enjoy the day in your element: with your kids at home, cooking up a storm, loving family around. Those are the little pockets of sweetness that we will remember.
    This may be controversial but what the hell, I went through it a few years ago with my youngest son and heard of it happening to a nephew so here goes- knowing the reason gave me peace of mind and put the onus on him about doing what it took to feel better. I was pulling my hair out with him complaining most mornings from the same symptoms and nothing could be found physically wrong with him. I was worried sick, “God, what’s wrong with my boy?! Help me!” Then one day lo and behold popped in the news about this strange new occurrence of many young people showing up at the ER with stomach ailments, severe pain, doctors scratching their heads wondering what was happening. Turns out smoking marijuana was the cause, and a hot shower or bath is the only way to stop the pain. Sure enough, that was what was happening. After that initial news report I have seen more info on it several times. The strains sold now are much stronger than they were decades ago. (“Sophia, what the hell? How can you suggest such blasphemy?! On Thanksgiving! Unfriend!”) well, because I’m a Mama. Because I’ve gone through it. Because all avenues should be explored and because one little question could answer many others and if nothing else is wrong physically, provide peace of mind, that’s why. I spent many many mornings on the verge of tears with worry and guess what? That shit never happened againXO.
    Do a search. Find the many articles on it. UNBELIEVABLE.
    Knowledge is PowerXO

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