Spaghetti Sam Turns Four!

Hello! Is there anybody out there? That was the title of my very first post, published on this day in 2016. Interesting fact: While I didn’t officially begin my blog until January I actually wrote that post on October 15th of 2015.

Four years. Wow! That’s a lot of writing. 863 posts to be exact. Amazingly enough I have 320 followers. That seems absurd to me. I had high hopes that someone beyond my group of friends would read this. At this point in time I’m pretty sure most of my friends don’t read my blog and a lot of people I’ve never met do.

I’ve had a total of 153,718 views and 35,180 visitors in my four years of blogging. I don’t think I’m ever going to become rich off of this. Can’t even really make a living off of it, to be honest. Yet, still I write.

2016 was my most prolific year- 325 posts! Of course, I didn’t have a job back then. I had also stockpiled posts starting back in October, I had over 100 Blast From the Past posts as well, and well, Jerry Lee was in rare form back then. It was always something.

I wasn’t blogging back on D-Day but in the span of about one week I went from, Oh my God, my husband is having yet another affair with his cousin (those are words that should never be spoken!) to Seriously? He’s been sending that bitch money all summer? That motherfucker told me he was sending his mom money! to adding up just how much he had sent her (thousands) to Jesus Christ, I can’t believe he took out a $5000 loan on his 401k to Are you kidding me? He’s got a bank account with her? to He bought phones for her and her daughter? And I’ve been the one going online and paying their damn bill? to WTF? What do you mean he’s interviewing for jobs out of state?

That was in a single week, folks! A week. And it just kept going. An engagement ring! Promises of a new car! Puppies for everyone!

I went public for the first time that day in January and approximately one month later he moved out of our house and out of the state without saying a single word to me or to either of his children.

Five months after my first post he lost his job and cut off all support.

I spent the next month trying to figure out what I was going to do and if I could somehow stay in Virginia. When it became apparent that that was not going to be possible I bit the bullet; I sold off everything I could, packed up our clothes and a few belongings and moved back to Indiana with my tail tucked between my legs.

I applied for and received Medicaid, free lunches and free textbooks for my kids. I lived off of savings while I looked for a job.

Then I took my shitty little seasonal job at Target, unloading trucks, “bowling” all of the items on pallets, and stocking shelves, before taking yet another shitty little seasonal job to have a little beyond just the basics.

Finally, on January 9th, one year and one day after I first went public I began my full-time job at the bank.

It was a wild ride there for a long time.

I published 258 posts in 2017. Not bad considering I worked 2 jobs most of the year and had to be up at 3:30 in the morning.

I met the mobster, fell in love, and I finally got a divorce from Jerry Lee. I also went down to working a single job instead of working 4 am to 7 am and then working my full-time gig. I said goodbye to my beloved Beau. I still miss that big ol’ hunky monkey.

2018 and 2019 both took a dip with 130 and 146 posts respectively. Thank God for that big push in November or my 2019 stats would have been worse than the year before.

2018 I switched over to my current job. My daughter graduated high school and began college. Jerry Lee modified child support on his own. Prorated Rock Star’s support right down to the half hour she graduated. I threw the mobster a surprise party for his 50th. Jerry Lee and Harley got married. He didn’t bother to inform his kids. The mobster, my kids and I all flew out to Utah for a wedding. The mobster met the majority of my friends from out there.

2019 I turned 50. I was looking forward to this new decade in my life. Then Jerry Lee lost his job yet again and decided to modify spousal support. I took an $11,000 pay cut this past year thanks to him. I decided I had had enough and chose to go through with the garnishment process. It began in January. Took the full 90 days for the first round of paperwork to get there and back. Then I found out my fate would be decided by a judge in Kentucky who would never meet me and who would probably use Jerry Lee’s actual salary instead of his imputed salary. I chose to withdraw my petition at least until I discovered he had been playing me for a fool, acting like he was sending what he could when the reality was he had had a job pretty much the entire time. I’m still in a holding pattern although supposedly Mississippi has now turned the case over to the county. Only 45 more days until something happens! Or, a more likely story- only 45 more days until I get to begin yet another countdown!

So far in 2020 I have posted 5 times, counting today’s post. The year is still new. My word this year is change. Hopefully when I write this birthday post next year there will be lots of positive changes in my life. I’m really hoping everything with Jerry Lee will be settled in my favor, too.

Thank you for reading! I’m here all year.

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