Chillicothe Getaway

The Mobster has challenged me to post something RIGHT NOW! I have nothing.

We are currently enjoying a weekend away in Chillicothe. Don’t be jealous. I could have flown off to Hawaii. I could have opted for a luxury cruise. But no! I chose exotic Chillicothe. That’s a lie. Option #1 and #2 are not available to me. So #3 it is!

Honestly we’re having a good time. We’re at a bar/restaurant that sits where an old lumberyard once called home on the Erie Canal. There’s live music and I’ve had two (soon to be three) Angry Orchards. Plus my tummy is full of chicken wings, cheese sticks, and mini tacos.

It’s easy to poke fun but I know I’m blessed. We may not go to the most exotic locations but we always have a great time.

3 thoughts on “Chillicothe Getaway

  1. Lol– we are having a blast. Pretty red lights everywhere. Apple alcohol. Live music. Hawaii has what? Straw skirts and flowing LAVA! A cruise? Have ya seen the video of 2 cruise ships hitting each other? Or the one that lost power, had to be evacuated and then promptly capsized? Instead we are on solid ground with no flaming liquids burning everything in sight! Serenaded by an Irishman singing Prince and Mellencamp! Priceless and Perfect! Doncha think!

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