It’s Monday, Monday, Monday!

And that means memes, memes, memes!


And when you’re a selfish, narcissistic jackass who only thinks of himself. Not that I have anyone in mind, of course.


I will eat that cookie dough all day long. Bring it! Now a snake on the other hand….


It will be 3 weeks before my 99th birthday. Fingers crossed!


Why can’t chips and salsa be low carb and fat free?


This is so true. Now if these were school teachers their demands would be perfectly legible.


I think I’m going to start using this with the dogs. “Fatten the beasts, Picasso!” That makes it sound less like a chore and more like a quest. Hey! Maybe next time I do laundry or clean house I’ll refer to it as “destroying evidence”.


I about died when I saw this one. Run little donkey, run!


And this one.


So true! So sad, but still so true.

And finally, we have Sassy Cat.


Have a great Monday!

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