Meme Extravaganza

Get ready for this!


Is it wrong that this makes me feel nostalgic? I do remember those days. I remember when we would go grab breakfast on Friday mornings and then head to Blockbuster to pick up 3 or 4 movies for the weekend. Be kind, rewind. And don’t let those late fees get you. Ah, memories.


So true! I would be thin if I only ate when I was hungry.



This reminds me of my much younger years when friends would ask me to watch their purse. I would stare intently at it until they got back. The best though was when my best friend would leave me in the car while she went in somewhere. I would move the car while she wasn’t looking. It was quite the fun game. Probably funnier back then than it sounds now. It was hysterical though. Trust me.


That is a great question. Whatever it is I don’t like it!



This reminds me of those early days when I realized even though Jerry Lee was sleeping with Harley that I was still “the wife” and as such, would be the one to decide whether or not to pull the plug.

Me: He wouldn’t want to live like this. Pull the plug!

Doctor: M’am, he’s got a sprained ankle.


Two things. First, my daughter’s reasoning for not joining the diving team was because she didn’t know how to breathe underwater. “No one does,” I told her.

Second, this ranks right up there with a coach being asked how the other team managed to beat them and the coach replying, “They scored more points.”


I probably find this funny only because I work for a bank.




This irritates me to no end! Seriously, if someone wants to pay my bills for me, or deposit large amounts of cash into my bank account… LET THEM!


I do remember that!

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