Happy Valentine’s Day a Day Late

Here’s some Valentine’s Day humor for those not celebrating. Hey, even if you are celebrating this is still funny stuff.

20200215_174510I would so love to do this! With my luck it would backfire terribly.


This one made me laugh.

And my favorite…


Duh! So obvious. Who doesn’t know Valentine’s Day is on February 14th? LOL

Failing February

I am not meeting goals. I told myself I was going to post every day in February. It’s a short month. It should be possible. Only 28 days. It’s not like I picked January or March to do this. It hasn’t happened. What is even sadder is the fact that I do have quite a few posts written. They just haven’t been edited and all that good stuff.

Last night was the real failure. For the first time since beginning the C25K program I failed to run the distance required. Yesterday was supposed to be Day 1 of Week 4- run 3 minutes, walk 90 seconds, run 5 minutes, walk 2 1/2 minutes, repeat.

I made it through the first 3 minute run. I may have made it through the first 3 minutes of the 5 minute run and then I walked. I did run the next 3 minutes, but only made it maybe 2 minutes of the next 5 minute run.

I’ll see what happens next time I go, which probably won’t be until Thursday because I’m meeting friends for dinner tomorrow night.

I’m trying to pump myself up by reminding myself I had an incredibly busy weekend with lots of physical activity. I got in over 30,000 steps between Friday and Sunday!

Oh well. If things don’t go better next time I suppose I’ll just re-do Week 4. I’d love to be able to complete it in 8 weeks like it’s set up but if it takes 9 or 10 weeks so be it. It’s not about how quickly I’m able to run a 5k; it’s about being able to run a 5k, period, right?


Eat More Chicken

I was all set to post something completely different tonight but I was so shocked by what happened I had to write about it.

Many of you have read my rants about Chick-Fil-A so I feel it’s only fair that I share with you when they have done something good.

The following things are important to know:

*Although I have prepared and frozen about 8 meals I forgot to grab something out of the freezer this morning and put it in the crockpot. Plus, while I have the fixin’s for another 2 or 3 meals I have been in no mood to cook because…

*I’ve been diligently following this C25K program; however, this week I’m on a Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday rotation, which means either I come home, cook for the boy, and then go to the gym, or I go to the gym and then come home and cook for the boy and we eat around 8, 8:30.

*The weather here is horrible. It’s snowing, the roads are icy and slick, the snow plows are apparently on strike…

*The mobster is coming up this weekend to attend my company party with me. In fact, he’s sleeping right now with the intention of getting up around 11:30 and starting the drive at midnight so he’ll be here around noon tomorrow. This means I’m frantically running around straightening things, putting dishes away, putting my clothes away, clearing off the table… all those fun things you do when company comes a callin’.

I drove home in the snow. Ran around and did some cleanup before putting on my gym clothes and heading out. I decided I was going to grab something for the two of us to eat on the way back. Not only did I not feel like cooking but I also did not feel like cleaning up yet another kitchen mess.

Long story short I decided to go to Chick-Fil-A. My thought process was this: I would like very much to be served with pleasure, even if I had to wait in line for 30 minutes for the privilege.  Plus I like their chicken.

Imagine my surprise when I turned into the adjoining parking lot and could see that the drive thru line was not very long at all. I thought maybe it was a mirage but as I got closer I could see that the line was only about 2 cars deep. It was a miracle! I got my food and was on my way in less than 10 minutes. Maybe less than 5.

Perhaps it was the snow. It’s possible that the less than ideal road conditions kept everyone except those die hard chicken lovers at home. I don’t care what it was. I was thrilled! I think this is the first time I’ve ever been to Chick-Fil-A since moving back here that I haven’t encountered a 20-30 minute wait. Whatever the reason I was thankful. And I thought I should let you know after all the complaining I’ve done about the wait.

That’s all!

Life’s About Changing… Nothing Ever Stays the Same

As you know my word for the year is change. Since choosing that word I’ve noticed how much change happens, regardless of what we may choose. Honestly, I’ve known that for a while but with this being “my” word for the year I will probably be writing quite a bit about it.

Change is inevitable. People die. People move. Friendships fade. New friendships are made. I’ve experienced a lot of that over the course of my life. When you move every 2 1/2 years for the first five or six years of your marriage you get used to the constant upheaval. Then you start to settle in after that 2 1/2 year mark and you begin to think, “Maybe this is it. Maybe this is the place I’ll remain.”

I thought that way after we moved to Michigan the second time. It was different. We had a child now. It wasn’t just the two of us. Jerry Lee settled in. Until that call came six years later, telling him they had an exciting offer for him. They wanted him to take over as the production manager in Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake City? I knew nothing of Utah except Mormons. I’d never lived west of the Mississippi. Nevertheless, I gave him the go ahead and we moved. I called my best friend crying only weeks before we moved. I watched my precious children flounder in their new surroundings. I missed having family close by and missing out on so much. Yet somehow it all worked itself out. I fell in love with the state. I made great friends. I got involved. My children made friends. Rock Star devoted her life to gymnastics. Picasso fell in love with hockey after trying out just about every other sport under the sun. We spent eight amazing years out there.

Jerry Lee always said we would never leave so I began to feel like Utah was the place I would remain. Until Harley came along.

But this isn’t about Michigan, or Utah, or even Virginia. It’s about my 2 1/2 years living in Olive Branch, Mississippi. It’s about the fact that living there was one of the happiest times of my life. It’s also about the fact that now Jerry Lee and Harley are there, defiling this place that I once loved so much.

We had been married less than a year when Jerry Lee took a job with PCA up in Michigan. While living there we took a week long vacation at the end of May and visited Memphis to see Graceland and the zoo, and then headed over to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg. I’m sure the fact that Michigan was experiencing a very cold spring (that morning I left for vacation the wind chill brought the temperature down to zero) didn’t help, but we both fell in love with Memphis. I loved Beale Street. I loved the food. I can’t explain it; I just loved it. I didn’t even mind the humidity. A little less than two and a half years later he was offered a job in Olive Branch, which is right outside of Memphis, Tennessee. In fact, when I lived there I would often hear it described as, “Memphis’s fastest growing suburb”, which I always thought was interesting considering they were in different states.

We had an amazing group of friends. Jerry Lee was actually social. There were quite a few transplants working at the plant so they hung around together quite a bit. It was nothing for us to go out to dinner in a group of 12-14 people. Robert and Judy. Bev and Tommy. Arch and Alice. Kevin and Kelly. The good Aunt Judy (who would later turn out to be the bad Aunt Judy) and her daughter, Sheri. Julie. Eric. We went to each other home’s. Some of us bowled together. We had parties. We went out to dinner. We went to football games (okay, once we went to Knoxville to see a football game but we couldn’t get tickets). I had a key to Bev and Tommy’s house. We were such good friends we were at the point where we just walked into each other’s homes. I spent a lot of time in their above ground pool and hot tub. I went out to dinner with Bev, Judy and Judy every week while Jerry Lee and Tommy played golf. Arch and Alice trusted us enough to leave their son with us on the rare weekend they managed to get away. We exchanged Christmas presents and spent holidays together if we didn’t go home. We would go to the restaurant Robert and Judy owned, The Oasis, and eat dinner, talk with the locals. One time the place got overwhelmingly busy and neither Judy nor Robert was  there. Bev and I jumped up from our table and began helping out. We ran the register, got drinks, ran food out. I got pregnant while living in Olive Branch. I had three separate baby showers and lovingly decorated a nursery in classic Winnie the Pooh. I  brought my baby daughter home to that house. They had a brand new high school there and I envisioned my little Rock Star graduating from that high school one day. Rock Star was surrounded by people who loved her. Judy, Judy, Bev, and Tommy were all at least 10 years older than me, and in some cases 20 years older. A baby was a welcome addition. We finished our upstairs and now had a five bedroom house. I had a life there and I loved it.

Then Jerry Lee got fired. Seems he and his boss didn’t get along. So he was hired back on at PCA. He had an area VP that loved him and had stayed in contact since he left the first time.

At first he was assigned to Manufacturing Services, which is a team of people that travel to various problem plants and try to help them fix whatever issues are plaguing them. That lasted for four months before a position opened at one of the plants. As luck would have it we moved back to the same area and he was at the same plant as he had been before.

We moved, and despite the fact I would once again be only two hours from most of my family, I was devastated. I was losing my friends. I had to start all over.

Now, Jerry Lee and Harley are living there. Funny aside- I think he’s actually in the subdivision his old boss that fired him lived in. Her kids are going to be the ones graduating from Olive Branch High School. She gets to shop at all the great places in Memphis. She gets to visit Graceland and go down to Beale Street. She gets to marvel at those beautiful red clay roads. She can eat all the fried catfish and BBQ she wants to. She can go to the fantastic Memphis Zoo. In short, she gets to pick up where I left off, in one of my favorite cities.

When I first heard the news that they were living in Olive Branch I’ll admit it took me back a moment. I had this, “WTF” moment and probably a brief feeling of jealousy. They moved back to one of my favorite places and they replaced me with her. How did I feel about that?

I’ll be honest. When I heard that the Olive Branch Catfish Company was no longer in business I felt a little better.

Oh, such great memories of time spent there. Our realtor took us there when we were down looking for a house. If you like catfish you would have loved this place. It was amazing. And always packed. They had added on at least twice to the original restaurant. Our large group of friends would gather there on a Friday or Saturday night. Wait an hour or more to get a table. And then enjoy that amazing fried catfish (although you could have it grilled if you chose). We always took visiting friends and family there as well.

I’m glad Harley doesn’t get to experience the Olive Branch Catfish Company. I’m happy that Jerry Lee doesn’t have access to it either. Ha! It’s a small, selfish, silly victory.

That aside, I realize that my Olive Branch no longer exists. Kevin and Kelly moved away probably a year before we did. Robert and Judy, who had been together for many, many years, went their separate ways and Judy spent most of her time in Hot Springs, Arkansas after that. I found out years later that Robert had died. As I said earlier the good Aunt Judy turned out to be the bad Aunt Judy. She had an affair with Tommy, Bev’s husband. They divorced. Bev put the house on the market and it sold within 24 hours. I held onto my key to their house for years until finally I threw it away. Bev eventually moved down to Jackson. Judy and Tommy got married and then divorced 2-3 years later. Arch and Alice moved back to Chicago. Eric moved back to his hometown of Corinth, which was probably 2 hours or so south of Olive Branch. He got his ex-wife pregnant and married her again and then went on to have one more child with her. He left Menasha sometime after Jerry Lee got fired. Julie went to work at a different corrugated plant and then eventually remarried her ex-husband and moved back to Tennessee, although I’m not sure what order that took place. Sheri, who was just a young teen back then, is married with a daughter and a son on the way. She lives in Florida now and is a stepmom to two older girls.

Life’s about changing; nothing ever stays the same. Even if he didn’t get fired the Olive Branch I knew and loved wouldn’t be there. All of our friends are gone. We would have watched as Arch and Alice moved back home, and we would have had a front row seat as Bev and Tommy’s marriage exploded and we were faced with the fact that Judy was the other woman. And then I would have been left behind when Bev made her move to Jackson. Maybe there would have been new friends as Rock Star, and then Picasso, began high school. Or as new people were hired on at the plant. Then again, maybe those few years were like lightning in a bottle- never to be captured again.

That high school I envisioned my daughter going to? It had only recently been built and they were already using multiple portables because they had outgrown the building. Apparently a lot of parents were not fans of the Memphis school system. That high school probably doesn’t exist anymore. My guess is they have already built a new one.

If I were to visit I’m not sure I would know my way around anymore. It’s been 19 years since I lived there and 17 years since I last visited.

I can still see that shopping area with the Kroger, the cheesesteaks, Applebee’s, and Cookout. I think there was an eye center there as well. I remember where the new Wal-mart was built. But who knows what’s there now?

I would love to take my kids to Memphis one day because I love the city. Maybe I would take them over into Olive Branch as well. Show Rock Star where she lived when she was a baby. Show them where Bev and Tommy lived. Show them where the Olive Branch Catfish Company used to be.

I know it’s no longer the Olive Branch I once knew and loved; it’s only a treasured memory now. What made it so special was the people, and the people are all gone.

I’m fine with Jerry Lee and Harley living there. It takes nothing away from me and my memories. It won’t ever be replicated. I doubt very much that they’ve made friends, and that was the best part of it. Even if they have it doesn’t change the fact that they’re not living in my Olive Branch. My Olive Branch is gone. They can have this new one.

Are You Grateful For Child Support?

Once again I am reading the debate board I have kept up with for the last ten plus years. Right now a pious little bitch who has never been divorced is talking about how it “irks” her when “single moms” complain about how their ex is doing nothing or is only doing the bare minimum. Naturally she doesn’t have to worry about ever getting divorced because they are so in love even after twenty years and she makes an effort to work on her marriage, unlike all of us who are divorced and who naturally didn’t love our spouses and didn’t put in the great effort she does. This particular person also likes to talk about how if she were to ever divorce (but she won’t!) she would end up with permanent alimony (as much of her husband’s salary as it would take to equalize their earnings) and generous child support. The difference is she would make sure her child knew that Daddy was a good provider and he paid child support.

Yeah, something tells me that if the love of her life dumped her for another woman the last thing she would thinking of would be to make sure her kid knew what a great provider Daddy was. Also, it’s a lot easier to hypothesize when you’re walking around in $80 t-shirts, $90 leggings and $100 flip flops than when your whole standard of living has been decimated.

Nonetheless I do let my kids know their dad pays support. They are completely aware that him paying allows me to do things for them. They’re also aware I’m not able to do as much as before because he’s modified spousal support on his own and shorted me almost $11,000 this year. They also know when he doesn’t pay because that’s when shit gets real and nothing happens for them because I’m not able to do it.

I’m sure the whiney little bitch from that board would say that while you should thank them profusely, be subservient in your gratefulness, and always let your children know what an awesome provider Daddy is she would be horrified at the notion they might be told when Daddy wasn’t being such a great provider. Oh no! Keep that shit to yourself. The kids don’t need to know any of that.

Someone else chimed in and said she was always grateful that her ex paid child support in full and on time. “Gratitude and appreciation are good things,” she opined.

The nitwit replied, “You’re one of the good ones,” to which this other person said that she had to make the decision to be that (grateful and appreciative?) despite what her husband did (he cheated and left for the OW) because she loved her children.

Give me a fucking break. Do those of us working two and three jobs or donating plasma after work twice a week not love our children as much as her because we don’t fawn all over our exes for following the goddamn court order?

They’re not doing this out of the goodness of their hearts. At least mine isn’t. He’s doing it because he’s court ordered to. And in his case, he changed the fucking court order all on his own. Repeatedly. So why the hell would I be grateful for that?

You want me to be grateful? Do something above and beyond. Don’t short change me and then bitch because I didn’t say thank you for the little bit you were willing to do.

I’ve been on both ends of it. I’ve received significant and not quite as significant amounts of child and spousal support. I’ve not received a dime for almost a year. I’ve also received his modified support, the amount of which he chose based upon on his own whim. Is it easier when he pays? Of course it is! Am I going to text him each time he sends a payment and thank him? No, I am not. Why not? Because it’s what he’s supposed to do. If he ever shocks me and does something beyond what the court order asks for then I’ll consider thanking him. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous to thank a person for doing what they’re supposed to do. Thank you for paying that medical bill so quickly! Thank you for paying your self-modified child support! Thank you for paying the amount of spousal support you are willing to pay!

I’ll be the first to admit that when I received that $900 after he told me he had lost his job again I was ecstatic. That $900 meant Picasso and I could eat. It meant he got to continue to take his cello lessons. It meant I didn’t have to run out and get a second job.

The next month when I got $1500 for spousal support in addition to the child support I was stunned.

According to those two lovely ladies I should have been falling all over myself to let him know how grateful I was that he sent me money. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Only… that wasn’t quite correct. He wasn’t unemployed and scraping together whatever he could between severance packages and unemployment. He had a new job. He was keeping that fact a secret from me so that he could pay me what he felt like. After all if I thought he wasn’t working and he was sending me anything then I wouldn’t complain. He could move into a nice, big, fancy house and have plenty of money for whatever he wanted because he wasn’t paying his court ordered support. He was paying his Jerry Lee sanctioned support. Had I thanked him and told him how grateful I was for the amount he was willing to pay I would have been a joke. Jerry Lee and Harley both would have laughed at me and my stupidity. “We’re playing that dumb bitch like a fiddle and she’s thanking us! She thinks he’s still not working and she’s so happy he’s sending something at least.” Yes, they would have been laughing all the way to the bank. And on their vacation. And while they ran around naked in their nice big house.

I’m still not sure he would have sent anything if I hadn’t emailed him two weeks after he dropped the bomb and told him he needed to send something. I’m absolutely certain he would still be shorting me $700/month on my alimony if I had not called him out on having a job. But sure, let me thank him for sending support.

Her insistence on us being grateful for that which is legally owed to us triggers flashbacks and jogs memories. Like the fact that I had thanked him.

Oh yes. Back in 2016. He had only been paying his new court ordered support (an amount much higher than he was expecting to pay, I should add) for a few months. The check hadn’t arrived so I texted him to see what was up. After all, the prior month the check had been “lost in the mail”. That’s when he told me I should get a job. Up until that point I hadn’t communicated with him much. Less is more when it comes to him. But that day I was feeling a little feisty so I told him I would take his comments under consideration; in the meantime I would hate to have to file contempt of court charges.

Let me tell you, that really set him off. I take that back. He took that one like a champ. Informed me I needed to think about what I was saying because I totally lived off of him and if he was in jail and couldn’t pay then I would be ruined! Ruined, I tell you! It was when I informed him that was a chance I was willing to take that he went off. At one point he told me I should be a little more grateful because I had a great life thanks to him and I needed to appreciate that shit!

As you can imagine that went over very well with me. Naturally, because I am just a very submissive person who only aims to please I felt compelled to thank him.

… Oh thank you! Thank you for letting me follow you around the country for 20 years. Thank you for moving us 2000 miles [away], tearing the kids away from their friends, shattering Rock Star’s dreams of getting a gymnastics scholarship, and taking Picasso away from hockey all so you could take your “dream job” that you left after 18 months and so you could fuck your cousin. Thank you for abandoning your kids and leaving us in financial ruin. Thank you for paying your court ordered support. Anything else you want to be thanked for? Oh here’s another one. Thanks for showing naked pictures of me to the whore. Thanks for pretending to be Daddy of the Year to her kids while you ignore your own. THANK YOU! Is that better? Do you feel appreciated now?

He didn’t like that either. I would like it noted though that I did thank him for paying his support.

That’s the problem. So many of these cheaters think that everything they do should be greeted with praise and unending thankfulness. They conveniently forget all of the shitty things they’ve done. Poor wittle Jerry Lee doesn’t seem to remember cutting us all off financially while he ran back and forth between Virginia and Kentucky, blowing through over $30,000. The fact that he moved out of the damn state without saying a word to his kids has totally escaped his mind. He doesn’t seem to remember forcing us to move out of our home or his kids having to transfer schools. He has forgotten not paying a dime in child or spousal support for 10 months while he cleared out his unfrozen 401k and shacked up with Harley. The fact that he has never driven up to see his kids one single time in the four years since he moved out has completely slipped his mind. I wonder if his memory could be jogged so that he remembers cutting off support for his daughter the moment she graduated from high school or cutting child support in half despite knowing that’s not the way it works? I wonder if he realizes he’s not actually paying me what he owes me, but is instead paying whatever he feels like paying?

Probably not, but he sure does want praise and thanks each and every time he does something he’s court ordered to do. He wants praise and thanks every time he does something, period. Fuck the court order! Jerry Lee paid me what he felt he should. All hail Jerry Lee! Hell, two months after he deserted us in Virginia for the green incestuous pastures of Kentucky he was boo-hoo’ing about how he was doing the best he could for us.

Jerry Lee: Yes. It is the same program. I am doing my best to make sure all of you are taken care of whether you believe it or not.

Me: I’m not sure what, “That’s what they did at PCA” makes you think I’ve somehow insulted you. I was agreeing with you. There won’t be any cards.

Jerry Lee: I was just expressing my effort to take care of everyone. I didn’t take that as an insult. I simply added that at the end. Maybe I was searching for a little affirmation that I was doing the right thing.

Me: <<crickets>>

Affirmation for doing the right thing? What right thing? You passed that by a long time ago. You want to do the right thing? How about you not fuck your cousin, you dipshit? How about you not cheat on your wife? How about you not desert your kids without a single word? Like I said, that ship has sailed. You don’t get affirmation for doing the bare minimum after you fucked us over.

You think you’re making an effort to take care of everyone? Really? By cheating on me? By deserting your kids? By leaving us financially destitute? By blowing up our lives? Here’s a tip. Don’t move your entire family across the country and then, after buying a new house, new furniture, a new car, and putting a pool in the backyard, start fucking your cousin. You want to take care of people? Don’t cheat on your wife and abandon your kids. There’s nothing caring about any of that.

Am I thankful when he pays child support? Yes, I am. But I won’t ever thank him. I’m not thankful for him. I’m thankful he fears the law enough to pay. As we all know though he takes extreme liberties and isn’t nearly fearful enough. He plays straight and narrow for a bit and then he starts to see what he can get away with.

Am I thankful that he’s paying something instead of nothing? Absolutely. But I’m not going to thank him while he’s short changing me. It would be one thing if he came to me and said, “This is what I’m going through. Can we work something out?” but he never does that. He treats me with utter contempt. I’m not worthy of a conversation. I get no say in what happens. He makes the decision and I’m supposed to smile and thank him for being willing to pay anything. I get it. It’s really hard to continue to live your upper middle class lifestyle when you have to pay child support and spousal support to your ex. If he actually paid what he owed he might not be able to rent that fantastic new home, so far better for me to live on even less while Harley and the mulligans lifestyles are elevated to a level they’ve never had before in their life.

I’ll tell you what. Seeing as how I don’t call him out on every single shitty thing he does- oh let’s be serious. I don’t call him out on any shitty thing he does because it’s a waste of breath and time. But seeing as how I don’t call him out when he does something shitty to me or his kids, maybe he can put on his big boy pants and not whine and cry when I’m not falling all over myself to thank him for the little bit he is willing to do. If the pious little bitch from the debate board doesn’t like it… well, when her husband dumps her and starts playing around with support, she can thank him all day long and come back and tell all of us what a good little ex-wife she is. Until that day, though? She can fuck right off.

Optimism and the Mobster



When I saw this meme I immediately thought, “That’s my mobster; it describes him perfectly.” He is the eternal optimist. As my daughter says, “He’s like the real life Elf.” She has also said he’s the happiest man she’s ever met, and that’s despite the fact he doesn’t get any vacation time. He could be laying flat on his back, completely stuck, but he’ll look up at the sky and exclaim, “Oh my God, I’m flying!”

He’s always able to look on the positive side of things. When I had to buy four new tires before I drove down to Virginia for my divorce hearing he told me, “The good news is you no longer have to put air in that front tire.”

He’s always got a smile on his face. He’s always happy. He’s up for anything and eager to try new things. He can talk to just about anybody, and he does.

He has his moments. In the very beginning he was still quite raw from his own discard. There were weepy moments. But for the most part, even then, he was happy. He made me laugh. He looked on the bright side. And I was right by his side, telling him he could do it and pushing him onward.

Even now there are times his STBX still tries to put him through the ringer- sending vicious texts, threatening to take half of everything, demanding he pay her credit card bills. Some days it gets him down and that smile leaves his face, that twinkle leaves his eye. He bounces right back, though. Soon he’s casting her aside and finding yet another way to make his world right.

It’s so nice being with someone who is happy and who looks for the silver lining, instead of being with a person who is always miserable and sees disaster at every turn. I hope I can one day be as optimistic as him.

You keep flying, Mobster.

I’m Not Loving This Word Anymore

Change, change, and more change! My supervisor just announced this week that she is retiring at the end of June. I am not happy. I’m thrilled for her. She is constantly taking vacation days to help her father out and she has two adorable granddaughters that I know she would love to spend even more time with. But I’m not happy for myself.

First, I know there is no way in hell that this is going to lead to a promotion. I have not been in my area long enough to move up into a supervisor position. They are even talking of restructuring our department so there are at least 3 supervisors but I still know there are plenty of people in the department that have much more experience than I.

Second, if there are any perks to working a low paying job it is the fact that it is flexible because of my supervisor. She’s always very willing to work with me. I can ask if it’s possible to leave an hour or two early on a Friday if I only take 30 minute lunches and she says, “Sure!” She’s the one that told me I should leave earlier than 5:00 for my flight to Utah the first time I took some vacation time. She’s just been fantastic and very understanding.

It is quite possible that her retirement will be the catalyst for me looking for a new job.

On the legal front my lawyer has contacted me and thinks we should file a show cause for not only the legal fees he owes me but also for the arrears for child and spousal support. That’s old news. However, I wrote back and told her I wasn’t sure if we could do that or not with the modification going on. I got an answer from her fairly quickly and she assured me that until another court takes jurisdiction the court in Virginia is the only court that can legally compel him to act and the only court that can find him in contempt. I actually called her office to get clarification and ended up talking to her for about 15 minutes.

The end result is I’m not sure what in the hell my caseworker was talking about. My lawyer says it makes no sense that a court in Mississippi where the father resides will be the one enforcing the order. We weren’t divorced there, the order wasn’t issued there, and the kids don’t live in Mississippi. I’ve got to say I’m fine with Mississippi doing the modification since they base it off of his salary alone, but I do agree that that part always sounded strange. I’d always heard the child support goes where the kids go. I figured if anything Indiana would take over the case.

I sent my attorney snippets of my email conversations with the caseworker where she explains how things need to work, and I emailed my caseworker asking her if she knew whether or not Mississippi had taken jurisdiction. I’ve heard nothing back. So this morning I pulled the plug and told my attorney to file. The worst that can happen is she finds out she can’t file a show cause for the support issues, right? Let’s get this thing done! Jerry Lee has spent way too much time walking around a free man, doing whatever he pleases.

I finished Week 2 of the Couch to 5K program. I’m up to a whole 90 seconds of jogging at once! Next week I do 90 seconds of jogging, 90 seconds of walking, 3 minutes of jogging, 3 minutes of walking, and repeat. Pray for me. 

Rock Star took her nursing exam in order to get into nursing school. She was ecstatic with the results. I would share them with you but don’t want to get the details wrong. She got a 90 something on the math section and another 90 something on another section. She told me she did a lot better than she needed to. Now we just wait to hear the official word.

I think Picasso and his counselor are getting into meatier areas because he won’t share stuff anymore, which is fine. I continue to cross my fingers that everything is going well.

He’s exhibiting more interest in getting a job and learning to drive so that’s good.

That’s it. That’s all my recent change. I’m trying to embrace it but I don’t like it. It’ll be good for me though, right?