Three Mile Miracle

I did it. I ran three miles. I didn’t plan to. After my successful run on Saturday where I managed to do 2.5 miles in 35 minutes I thought maybe I would be close to the full 3 miles if I stretched my time to 40 minutes. Little pro tip for you: It is very difficult, if not impossible, to make good time when you try to run and catch Pokemon at the same time. Needless to say, I was not making the greatest time. Plus, around the 35 minute mark my chest felt funny and my breathing felt funny, and quite honestly I thought there was the tiniest possibility that I might faint. So, I figured seeing as how I was barely over the 2.5 mile mark 40 minutes was all I was going to do. I’d get to 2.75 miles if I needed to run an extra minute or two, but I didn’t think 3 miles was within reach today. Well slap my ass and call me Nancy! I reached the 2.75 mile mark and decided I was going to go for it. Running uphill nonetheless!

I say it took me almost 45 minutes. The mobster prefers to say it took me 44 minutes and 38 seconds. “That’s less than 45 minutes, honey!” he told me.

I reached my goal a week earlier than I thought I would.

The only bad part, aside from feeling like I was going to faint, was I made the bad decision to wear an old pair of socks running tonight. Usually I wear my newer ankle socks. This time I grabbed some older crew socks. They had a hole in them. I ran the second half of my run with that rubbing against my ankle and ended up with a blister which popped. That sucker really stung in the shower.

Also, I took a 3 mile walk in the snow yesterday. I’m hardcore now, folks! Hardcore.

The reality is my work has a virtual tour of Hawaii going on right now. By participating we earn points towards getting additional HSA money. I knew I needed on average 3 miles per day, which is around 7500 steps. By 5 pm I had around 650. It was only in the 20s in the morning and was supposed to get warmer in the afternoon. I went to charge my phone and when I went to let the dogs out I saw snow all over the deck. I was not happy about it at all but I put on jeans, a long sleeve t-shirt, a sweatshirt, my coat, gloves, and a hat and went out to get my steps in.

I’m a little bit sore, a lot tired, and very proud of my performance these last few days. I think these two memes sum up my behavior.



6 thoughts on “Three Mile Miracle

    1. I don’t know about inches because I didn’t take any measurements before starting. I didn’t lose any weight until I started restricting carbs. I did see a video on Facebook, I think, where a man ran for 45 minutes maybe every day for six months and he lost weight.


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